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When you think of a break-in, what do you fear losing the most? Apart from your money and gadgets, it’s the gold valuables that you can’t bear losing!

Be it an engagement ring or a wedding band, gold is a popular choice of metal for jewelry. Even though its sheer brilliance and rarity makes it valuable enough, another major reason gold is used in jewelry-making is because it stores value.

Even though gold has been worn to adorn for centuries since the beginning of time, it never fails to impress and get you a few compliments. Your statement jewelry pieces are not only valuable in terms of their dollar value, but also because of some other reasons.

Find out reasons for investing in gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry trends

Alongside the gold investment economy, the industry for gold jewelry is also growing. Be it classic chains, earring studs, or rings, there’s no jewelry design that can’t be turned into a spectacular gold piece.

As far as jewelry trends go, some only come to breeze through the year while others stick through for longer because of their classic appeal. Delicate pieces with intricate carvings and simple designs have been hot for quite some time now. They’re as suitable for a modern working woman as they’re for a girl who just turned eighteen.

One thing is clear: gold jewelry designs may evolve over time but it’s sure to not go out of fashion any time soon. With a lasting appeal, it only makes sense to invest in gold jewelry instead of splurging on retail goods.  

Gold jewelry is durable

You may have noticed a karat reading stated on the gold certificate that accompanies your jewelry items. The number of karats of gold in a jewelry piece tells the ratio of pure metal to other alloys in the composition.

The reason other metals are mixed with gold to make jewelry is because pure gold on its own is too malleable to remain durable. It can easily be deformed upon impact. This is why alloys are mixed with gold to make it stronger so that the intense detailing in every statement piece can be preserved.

So if you’re investing in gold jewelry, you won’t be disappointed by the value for money that it offers.

Gold jewelry stores value without tying your cash permanently

Having a gold chain around your neck not only looks aesthetically attractive but also offers financial security. Under dire circumstances, where it’s becoming a struggle to survive, you can always trade your gold items for some quick cash.

The variety of sizes of articles of gold jewelry allows you to sell smaller denominations of your gold assets to get you through the crunch. Whereas investing in real estate or long-term bonds can tie large chunks of your money for extended periods.

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