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A dizzying array of options can make it confusing for you to manage your retirement funds when switching jobs. If you don’t run a due diligence, you might end up making choices you will regret later.

When it comes to your hard-earned retirement money, you can rollover funds from your preexisting 401k to your Individual Retirement Account. That way, you get additional investment flexibility.

But to make the most of your money, you need to manage the rollover correctly.

We have put together a few tips for you to consider when turning your 401k into a rollover IRA.

Open Your IRA

If you already own an IRA, you can simply roll over your funds into that. If you don’t, you need to make one. You can’t roll over your 401k investments if you don’t already own an established IRA.

An online broker may be a good choice to open your IRA. Look for good gold IRA companies and custodians to take care of your investments.

Research Investments

It will take a few weeks for your IRA rollover paperwork to get through. Make good use of this time and search for the best investments to store in your rollover IRA. It’s a good choice to open rollover IRAs in firms that have investment options available.

There is a world of investments available. One good choice is to invest in precious metals, such as in gold or silver.

You’ll be ensuring that the value of the investments you’ve built up over the years doesn’t depreciate. Precious metals like gold hold their worth over time and make for a solid investment.

gold and silver coins

Plan Ahead

When you invest in a rollover IRA, you want to be able to build up a nest egg that will help you live out your retirement years comfortably. If you’ve made money-based investments such as stocks and bonds, thoughts of an impending stock market crash might spur you into making premature decisions. This is why it is always better to use your rollover IRA investments wisely and invest in something more dependable such as gold.

We at Orion Metal Exchange can help you manage a seamless transition from your 401k to helping you open a rollover IRA. What’s more, we also deal in precious metal investments such as gold and silver. We are your one-stop-shop to everything investment related!

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