Bitcoin vs. Gold: A Head-to-head Comparison Using Key Financial Metrics

Several economists and analysts believe that the world might be in for another recession in the coming years. This prediction seems to be coming true with the markets and economies already shaking ever since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus across the globe.

Considering the previous Bull Runs, investors have already started looking for safer and non-volatile investment tools to minimize the damage from a potential recession.

Many have already started shifting their investments to gold—an investment move that has been observed for years during major economic crises.

However, investors are now presented with a new alternative to the traditional safe haven. Bitcoin bombarded the digital currency market in 2009 with some unique features that diverted investors’ attention from gold.

However, it ultimately depends on investors’ individual analysis whether they find it better to invest in gold or bitcoin during a market breakdown.

Below, we’ve compared both investment options to help you make a well-informed decision.


The trading system for gold is extremely clear and concrete. It’s easier to weigh, track, and measure. It isn’t easy to steal gold, sell a counterfeit, or corrupt the yellow metal in any other way.

Similarly, you cannot corrupt Bitcoin unless you are an experienced hacker with exceptional coding skills. It isn’t easy to breach through its highly encrypted, complex, and decentralized algorithms and mechanisms.

However, Bitcoin may lag a bit behind gold when it comes to safety and tracking because it still lacks a proper infrastructure. The Mt. Gox $460 million disaster is just an example of why you might want to give a second thought to bitcoin investment.

Rarity of Gold and Bitcoin

Research tells us that gold deposits around the globe are depleting at a fast rate. Though, bitcoin and gold are both finite options, experts believe that gold may exhaust before bitcoin. However, this is still a topic of discussion.


Gold has been used as a currency ever since the inception of the barter system, decades ago. It has a significantly higher liquidity as compared to Bitcoin. The latter allows a capped number of fiat withdrawals, which means you cannot easily trade it for cash in an emergency.

Furthermore, a bullion coin of gold may be purchased from and sold anywhere around the globe.  On the other hand, bitcoin has several legal implications that confines its market.

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