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When it comes to making investments in precious metals, most people don’t look or think beyond gold. Because, of course, what could be more tantalizing than gold, right? Well, silver it quite close.

But what if someone told you that silver—as an investment—is actually better than gold?

Sounds outlandish? Well, read on, because we’re about to drop some truth bombs.

Silver is Cheaper

Unless you’re some bigshot businessperson and are looking for massive premiums in the long run, you’ll be looking for something that you can buy for less.

We call it buying low and selling high. And nothing helps you do this as well as silver does. Although the disparity between the prices of gold and silver was around 15:1 back in the day, it’s around 75:1 now!

You can buy silver for cheaper and still sell it for more than what you bought it for!

There Will Always be a Demand for Silver

When it comes to gold, prices go down when markets are doing well. So there’s a chance that if you buy gold and sell it later on, the prices will go down—but that’s not the case with silver.

Silver isn’t just a luxurious metal that’s meant to sit in vaults. It’s widely used in various industries.

It’s used in medical instruments for surgeries, in electrical appliances, in conductors and batteries, etc. Simply put, as a silver investor, you will always have a buyer. Thus, you will always be able to sell your silver for a premium.

It is Literally More “Precious” Than Gold

When we talk about gold, silver, platinum, etc., we’re talking about “finite rarities.” That is, these metals aren’t present in great amounts on the planet, and aren’t produced in great amounts, even after mining. Thus, we have to depend on what has already been mined and found.

As a finite rarity, there’s less silver in the world than gold, and for this simple reason: it’s an industrial metal, and much of it is used as soon as it is mined. And the rarer a metal, the more chances it has of being valued highly in the future. This makes it a choice investment!

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