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Bitcoin Vs. Fed coin: What’s the Future

Understanding Bitcoins and Fed coins Bitcoin is a digital currency introduced in January 2009 after the crash of the housing market. It followed Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideas that he had discussed earlier in a whitepaper. A lot has been said and written about Bitcoins’ true founders, and its true origins remain a mystery. What’s more important than its history …

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Investment in gold by buying gold coins

What You Need to Know About Inheriting Precious Metals

Many Americans inherit gold and other precious metals in different forms from their parents or other family members. Since metals are no longer a common medium of exchange, most people do not know what to do with them. This blog post will highlight everything you need to know about inheriting precious metals.  You Should Know …

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What 2021 Looks Like for Gold and Silver

Despite the impact of COVID-19, gold and silver continue to shine. Experts believe that their prices are likely to rise further this year, and investors should keep investing in these two precious metals. Here are two things investors need to know before investing in gold and silver this year.  Gold Prices Will Continue to Rise …

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Why You Need To Invest In Precious Metals Instead Of Stocks

People invest their money in a variety of places. Some put their money in a bank to earn interest; others invest in stocks or property. One great investment opportunity that is often neglected, however, is precious metals. This blog post will explain why investing in precious metals is better than investing in stocks. You Get …

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Effects of Joe Biden’s Policies on the Precious Metals Market

America has the world’s largest economy, and the US presidential elections play an integral role in shaping its future for the next four years. In fact, election outcomes affect the global economy in general. Consequently, this event becomes a significant determinant for the global financial market growth, consisting of the metals market. The stock markets …

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New Variant Of COVID-19: What Does It Mean For Gold Prices In 2021?

Medical practitioners worldwide warned people about the mutating abilities of Coronavirus. Toward the end of 2020, one of the most dreaded solicitude came to life when a new variant, with a supposedly 70% higher transmission rate, dominated the world. On one hand, the world is hopeful about economic recovery on a global level after the …

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A 3D image of a vault storage

Why The Smartest Places to Hide Precious Metals Might Not Be So Smart

A simple online hunt to find ‘innovative approaches to camouflage’ or ‘inventive ways to secure’ precious metals at home will convince you to save a few bucks by refusing to keep them in secure private vault storage rentals. It may sound like a brilliant idea until the day you realize you’ve caused more damage than …

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A Guide to Coin Grading

Coin grading is essential and helps determine a coin’s market value. There are several factors that are considered when grading a coin such as how the coin initially struck, its preservation level, how much damage it has sustained etc. Coin grading is complicated as it’s subjective and opinion based. Most coin dealers use the Sheldon …

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Benefits of Adding IRA Eligible Silver to Your Retirement Portfolio

Earlier, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) could only be funded with bonds, cash, and stocks. After 1997, when Congress voted to approve silver coins, the International Revenue Service (IRS) agreed to expand investment options for people who wanted to diversify their retirement portfolios. Since then, people have been able to buy gold and silver bullions and …

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The Tale of Silver During Global Crisis

Precious metals are particularly responsive to a socio-cultural and economic crisis. Although the buoyed demand for gold amid the pandemic proves that investors consider it a safe haven and a hedge against inflation, experts have revealed that the precious metals market witnessed major unprecedented fluctuations in 2020, more dramatic than ever before. At the start …

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