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3 Bonafide Reasons Why Silver is So Valuable

Silver has been a prominent precious metal over the centuries and for good reasons. Here are 3 reasons that’ll confirm and further attest to the value and versatility of silver. Silver Has Been Valuable As Ancient Currency   Silver emerged as a viable form of money because of: Divisibility: It could be cut into smaller denominations easily, …

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3 Reasons why You Want to Invest in Gold Jewelry

When you think of a break-in, what do you fear losing the most? Apart from your money and gadgets, it’s the gold valuables that you can’t bear losing! Be it an engagement ring or a wedding band, gold is a popular choice of metal for jewelry. Even though its sheer brilliance and rarity makes it …

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History of Platinum as a Precious Metal Investment

In the 18th and 19th century, platinum was used as currency in the form of coins by Spanish and Russian empire, respectively. After a few years of use, the Russian empire realized its impracticality in both manufacturing and general use. During the industrial revolution, platinum became an important component for every industry including oil production and auto-manufacturing. …

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How Useful Platinum Has Been in Human Culture

In the current times, the only way we come to know of platinum as a metal is through our platinum debit/credit cards. Even though most people believe all metals that aren’t as lustrous as gold are inferior to it; this is hardly the case. The naturally-occurring mines are replete with ores of rare precious metals. …

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Silver-colored precious coins.

The History And Uses Of Palladium

Palladium is a metal known for its corrosion-resistant and ductile characteristics, which makes it an excellent candidate for jewelry. It also is an ideal pick if you are looking to invest in precious metals because it is a rare element with indispensable uses. How was palladium found, and how is it used? Read ahead to find …

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Why Palladium Is Now More Valuable than Gold

If you’ve grown up believing that gold is the rarest—and hence, the most valuable—metal, you’re in for a surprise. Palladium is 30 times rarer! Owing to its rarity, this precious metal is ranked among the world’s priciest treasures. Even though the price of gold has traditionally kept palladium under its thumb, the latter surpassed it in …

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Platinum and Palladium: An Overview of These Precious Metals

If you’re considering investing in precious metals, you have a range of other options than just gold and silver. Since these two metals have reigned over the precious metal industry for centuries, people tend to ignore competitors that have since emerged worthwhile. These include platinum and palladium. These silver-grayish metals have acquired a large base …

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A platinum ring with stones

Why Platinum is Cheaper Than Gold

Despite being rare, sturdy, and offering a vast range of uses for investors, platinum remains an underdog among precious metals. For years, the shiny white metal struggled to cement its position alongside the bright yellow gold bullion, and even today stands at almost half the price of the latter. Not only is platinum a vital …

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Platinum and Palladium: Current Standing in the Market

Rare and highly valued, palladium is one of the lesser-known members of the precious metals club. Even though the metal is currently priced at over $1700 per ounce—more than gold—a number of investors have failed to consider its worth, both as an investment and application on the industrial level. Platinum has also been known to …

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How To Invest In Palladium

Palladium was uncovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803, who then introduced it to the precious metals market. Found in both the earth’s crust and in asteroids, Palladium borrows its name from an asteroid called Pallas. It’s excavated from natural mines, alloyed with gold, or retrieved from nickel or copper ores, which makes it one …

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