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What You Should Know About Investing In Bullion Vs. Numismatic Coins

Precious metals are great investments for people looking to diversify their portfolios. They act as potential hedges during inflation. While the stock market suffers during inflation and economic uncertainty, the value of precious metals rises, making them great candidates for a diversified portfolio with reduced risks. This is why smart investors participate in the precious …

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Beyond 2019: The Supply and Demand Forecast of Silver

Second to gold and third to platinum in the hierarchy, silver ranks high on the priority list of investors looking for opportunities to secure their savings in. Silver, as a metal of antiquity and worth, has remained precious for centuries. While it was used to create priceless silver jewelry in ancient Israel 3200 years ago, the …

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The World’s Most Expensive Precious Metals

Upon hearing the term precious metals, we are sure that gold and silver crossed your mind. But if you have been observing investment trends around the world, investors are heavily investing in precious metals other than these two metals. After all, despite their popularity, gold and silver are not the only investment opportunity in metals. In …

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Why Bitcoins are Incomparable to Gold

It was in the March of 2017 that a Bitcoin received the same bid as an ounce of gold. Ever since then, there have been talks of both being viable investment opportunities. However, the question that ensues is: does parity with gold also guarantee comparability? This observation has fueled a dialogue about how and if …

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Gold and Platinum: Is One Better Than the Other

Be it for purposes of vanity or financial goals of investment—precious metal has always been important. And the popularity isn’t all because of its oh-so-appealing lustrous quality. It’s even more so because it adds a sparkle to your investment portfolio and buckles you up for what the future beholds. That said, the next big step …

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Why Silver Should be your First Choice of Investment in 2019

When it comes to precious metals, silver is immensely more versatile than any other. It’s an excellent choice for jewelry, a common component of batteries and electrical contacts, and at the same time, a lucrative investment vehicle. Speaking of investments, silver is a popular choice among investors due to its ease of affordability. It’s a …

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Myths That Are Stopping You from Securing Your Savings

Spend less. Save more. Invest MOST. These three phrases have been our life-long mantra ever since we first saw real money. These words of wisdom surely do ring true but not all advice should be taken at face value. Some of these financial suggestions are nothing more than myths that don’t need to be heeded. …

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Why Under-the-Mattress Savings are Risky

There are many things you can do with your savings—store them in a bank account, buy gold or silver, or invest in mutual funds. However, that’s not what most Americans have in mind. According to a survey carried out by the American Express, a whopping 53% of adults are hoarding cash and storing it under …

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Why Is Precious Metal A Reliable Form Of Savings?

The earliest use of precious metals as trading currency in recorded history was in Babylon in 2000 B.C. For centuries, different empires and dynasties have engraved their sovereigns on metal coins to display wealth and power. Up until the printing of paper money, metals like gold, silver, and copper were used as a global currency …

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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Gold Bullion

Certain financial advisors may tell you that investing in gold bullions isn’t a sound financial decision. After all, it doesn’t pay any interest and the value fluctuations aren’t as severe as, let’s say, the stock market. This limits the amount of profit there is to be made. Granted, purchasing gold bullions isn’t as exciting as …

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