Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio with a Gold IRA

When you were first looking to invest, you must’ve found the traditional ways of investment in the form of bonds, equities and stocks to be secure and high return expenditures.

But with recent market fluctuations, it’s safe to say that this conventional method of thinking has been greatly challenged.

The security that you thought stocks would bring you can’t be promised amidst the current economic crisis instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, as the saying goes, you should never store your eggs in one basket and look to continually diversify your portfolio. Alternative ways of investment,such as a gold IRA, can provide you a hedge against market fluctuations.

What is a gold IRA?

A gold investment retirement account is a self-directed individual account that allows you to turn your retirement investment into gold. Instead of saving in stocks, with a gold IRA, you can protect your retirement fund with physical gold in the form of gold coins and bullions.

You can either use your pre-tax funds to set up an IRA account or buy a Roth IRA account with post-tax money. Either way, with a gold IRA account, the Internal Revenue Service will allow you to purchase precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, and add them to your investment portfolio.

If you don’t want to buy gold coins and bullions and are looking for paper-based gold investments, a gold IRA fund can also help you. It can allow you to invest in precious metal mutual funds, stock mining companies, and gold commodity features.

Benefits of investing in a gold IRA

As compared to bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, a gold IRA account provides you many more advantages. Some of them include:

Portfolio protection

Gold is considered the haven of last resort due to its ability to withstand the test of time. Adding the yellow metal to your investment portfolio will help minimize the risks of inflation and financial setbacks.

Moreover, the negative correlation of gold with the dollar, stocks, and bonds makes it an ideal protection tool in times of economic crisis like the one brought about by the current pandemic.

Tax benefits

Gold IRA accounts allow you to avail tax benefits set in place by the government to encourage long-term savings. If you’re investing in a gold IRA fund, you may save up to $1,500 through tax reductions.

You can also avail future tax advantages on your earnings by investing in an IRA account.

Due to these benefits, a recent survey reported millions of Americans to have more than 5 trillion dollars saved in IRA accounts. Like many of these Americans, if you want to buy low and sell high, invest in a gold IRA account today.

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