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Disclaimer: The information and/or any opinions expressed in this post are for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial/taxation advice under any circumstances.

Numerous investors opt for holding physical gold rather than other instruments. Understanding the tax implications of physical gold coins is vital, as it differs from the straightforward taxation of ETFs. This blog sheds light on the taxation implications of gold coins to help you make a sound investment decision.

Taxation of Physical Precious Metal Investments

Investments in physical precious metals are classified by the IRS as collectible capital assets. These holdings, whether coins or bars are subject to CGT. The capital gains tax applies only when these assets are sold and only if they have been held for over a year.

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Unlike conventional investment instruments like stocks and ETFs, physical precious metal sales experience different tax treatments. The CGT on gold coins is equivalent to your marginal tax rate, capped at 28%.

Individuals falling into the 33%, 35%, and 39.6% tax brackets will be subject to a 28% tax rate on their precious metal sales. If the gains from these assets are considered short-term, they will be taxed at the applicable conventional income rates.

Understanding Tax Reporting for Precious Metal Sales

When selling precious metals, tax liabilities don’t immediately come into play. Instead, you’ll need to report physical gold or silver sales on Schedule D of Form 1040 during your tax return filing. To comply with IRS regulations, specific sales require you to submit Form 1099-B at the time of the sale, as they are considered income. Notably, sales of American Gold Eagle coins do not require a Form 1099-B filing. The tax amount for these sales is due at the same time as your ordinary income tax bill.

Start Investing in Tangible Precious Metals

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