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Gold is a time-honored form of investment. From fresh entrepreneurs to soon-to-be retirees, there’s a diverse investor population for gold worldwide.

Today’s topic of interest: gold coins. Let’s delve into why you should be buying these today…

A Safe Haven

Once you convert your dollars into gold coins, you’ve essentially transferred your wealth into perhaps the most stable form of currency. It’s said that the dollar is the best currency in the world, but what most people don’t understand is that currency, or any other paper-based financial asset, is actually pretty unstable. Come problems such as political differences, higher inflations and economic issues, and the value of your currency may change drastically.

All the while, gold coins you own have a steady value. If not in one part of the world, then another. It’s money that always has been universally acceptable; gold coins are used around the globe. The metal’s demand has been there for millennia, and will be there centuries after you’re gone.

Rising Value

The price of gold in the U.S. has increased by over 65 percent in the last ten years, with significant booms in between. The value of your gold coin will rise up over time, and if you are incredibly lucky, cross over that sweet 100 percent or over mark!

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Why Gold Coins?

As in, why choose going coins over gold bars, jewelry or stocks?

Because of the ease of liquidity; gold may be universally acceptable, but what form it is in does affect what rate you will get. Gold coins are generally more acceptable by dealers throughout the world over other forms of the precious metal, and can be can be traded or exchanged without hassle at the going rate.

Also, because of low risk. Gold stocks are not a bad option, but gold coins are safer since their value is determined by the current gold price and no other factor. Gold jewelry is often tainted with other additions, and there’s no telling how much you stand to lose once these are separated. You’ll get profitable price for other forms of gold alright, but why not be financially-savvy and invest in a form which you can convert to the maximum possible dollar amount?

Possessing gold coins can be incredibly satisfying. If you stay dedicated and keep these for years, you may be in for unbelievable returns. Love that idea?

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