How to Know if Your Coins Are Actually Worth Money

Collecting coins is a great hobby, it’s educational as you can learn more about the history of different coins, at the same time, it can also add value to your retirement fund. Investment-grade precious metals are a popular choice when investors want to diversify their portfolio and reduce its risk.

Owning the right kind of coins can result in premium returns. If you’re lucky, even a penny coin can get you millions. But how can you be certain about the value of a certain coin?

Here are some ways to find out the worth of your coin:

Inspect them closely

The first step to determining the value of a coin is inspecting it. A thorough inspection will reveal more than you were expecting. Inscriptions, mint marks, errors, condition, material, year, etc. all contribute towards the value of a coin.

Grade them

Organize your coin collection and give it a grade to make sorting easier. The Professional Coin Grading system can be used to grade coins. You can also send in your coins to the service and they will grade it for you.

Turn to the books

Coin collectors prefer finding the answers to their questions the old fashioned way, through books. Books are known to be reliable sources of income in comparison to the internet.

Well reputed authors of such books are usually experts in the field and have done extensive research to write these books. “The Official Red Book of United States Coins” is considered the most reliable source of information and a new edition is released every year.

Get in touch with a professional

While there are many resources in the form of books, online articles, price guides, and a grading system to help you, they won’t necessarily do the job. Often these systems tend to conflict with one another and will only lead to confusion.

Get in touch with a professional to find out the true value of your coins. If you are looking to sell it, they could guide you with that too.

Contact fellow collectors

Those who have an avid passion for collecting coins tend to become acquainted with other fellow collectors too. People share their coin collections with others via online groups or social media.

Those who have been collecting and learning about precious coins for a while now will be able to guide you regarding your coins. There are also various groups and forums where people help one another in determining the value of coins.

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