Metal of the Month: The Gold Incuse Maple Leaf of the Royal Canadian Mint Series

Collectors of precious coins know and appreciate the various kinds of coins available today. Newer coins are also being introduced to the market today and its value is determined by the number produced and its demand.

Those looking for lucrative investments in gold coins will be familiar with The Gold Incuse Maple Leaf of the Royal Canadian Mint Series. Widely popular, this gold coin is a favorite all over the world.

This month our experts will presenting you with all the facts and information about this particular coin.

Its history and composition

The Gold Incuse Maple Leaf is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint Series. This particular coin is a staple among those who have a passion for collecting coins. This coin is known more widely for its unmatched beauty and design.

The 1 ounce coin is made of .9999 gold and comes in the $50 denomination. The Royal Canadian Mint has been producing gold coins  since 1908, however, this beauty came about in 1979. Ever since, the mint has improved the production processes of this renowned coin.

Technological advancements

The technical advancements made with this particular coin paved the way for the future. Multiple anti-counterfeit protection processes were used on these coins so that they could not be replicated to scam people. Radial lines, engraving, and BULLION DNA technology has been since incorporated into these coins.

This gold coin however, has been redesigned in recent years. It now features a double-incuse maple leaf.

The obverse design

The design of this coin is still quite similar to how it was in the past. Revamping the face of the coin would take away from its beauty and historic charm. The obverse of this coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II done by Susana Blunt. The 2019 version of this design sports an incuse design across the spectacular portrait. Some of the inscriptions on the coin include “50 DOLLARS,” “2019,” and “ELIZABETH II.”

The reverse

Canadian gold coins are easily recognizable due to their loud and proud maple leaf. The Maple Leaf series by the Royal Canadian Mint all feature a maple leaf on the reverse of the coin.

The 40th anniversary of this gold coin was commemorated with a textured maple leaf on the reverse. This feature also adds to the security of the coin and makes it easy to verify.

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