Sheltering in Place? Use It as an Opportunity to Study Your Precious Metals Investments

Precious metals such as gold and silver are considered a haven in an economic crisis. They’ve managed to retain their value over time and offer a form of protection against inflation.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, gold and silver have continued their centuries-old tradition of serving as a hedge against adverse economic conditions.

If you’re planning to educate yourself on precious metal investments, use your hours while sheltering in place to learn about the benefits of investing in gold and silver. Here’s where you can start:

Why buy gold during the pandemic?

The novel coronavirus turned a global health crisis into a worldwide economic crisis. At first, investors feared a dip in gold prices against the strengthening of the dollar. However, with time gold prices soared and hit an 8-year high during April 2020.

Even in these unprecedented and uncertain times, gold has once again proved to be a reliable store of value. By investing in gold, you can ensure that you have a dependable source of financing to fall back on when and if things get worse during the current pandemic.

Ways to invest in gold

When you invest in gold, you don’t get a dividend or an interest in it. The main attraction of gold is that it offers protection and a massive mark-up on its price.

Some popular and reliable ways of investing in gold include buying gold coins, bullions, bars, and IRAs. Check out the gold coin collection at Orion Metal Exchange to find a perfect way for you to invest in.

Why invest in silver amidst the current pandemic?

Silver is cheaper than gold, which is why it’s an excellent investment for lower capitalization investors. While gold saw a dip in its prices during the early months of the years, silver saw a steady rise in its value.

Experts speculate that this upward trend will continue, and the white gold may hit a 6-year high in its price soon. These properties make silver an ideal investment for people on a budget during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ways to invest in silver

With tensions running high, physical silver has become a good choice for those who want to invest in a safety net.

You can buy high-quality silver coins and bullions from our website at great prices. Other forms of silver investments include silver ETFs and silver mining stocks.

At Orion Metal Exchange, we offer a wide variety of silver and gold coins and bullions for sale online.

Other services include secure private vault storage rentals for all your precious metal storage needs. For more information, talk to our representatives at 1-800-559-0088.

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