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Whenever we talk about valuable jewelry, we usually discuss gold and forget about silver.

Silver may not be considered as desirable as gold when it comes to jewelry, but silver coins are still used for investment purchases.

So is an investment in silver a smart choice?

The market for silver is much smaller than it is for gold despite silver being used in all kinds of industries. That being said, there are plenty of reasons to include silver in your portfolio.

Let’s take a look at how silver became a popular metal for investment:

1. Silver is Real Money

Just like gold, silver is a physical store of value. It’s not a piece of paper or a digital form, so its value can’t be depreciated. Silver from 100 years ago will be valued the same as silver coins bought today; this can’t be said for paper bonds and digital forms.

Silver is different from paper investment because it doesn’t involve counterparty risk. Stocks, bonds and other paper investments are dependent on another party. When you own physical coins/bars, you don’t have to worry about risks.

Also, silver has a long history of being used as currency—even more than gold!

2. It’s a Hard Asset

In the last decade, major companies have been hacked. Putting sensitive data on the web will always have risks associated with it. Financial institutions have been hacked and people have lost money as a result.

Silver coins and bars are a tangible asset; they aren’t vulnerable to cybercrimes.

3. Silver is Cheap

As valuable and desirable as gold is, its demand always peaks at a certain price point before dropping. After reaching a specific price, gold becomes too expensive for consumers to purchase, which in turn decreases its demand. The decline in demand causes the price to come down.  

Because silver isn’t as expensive as gold, its demand and price don’t fluctuate as much gold. It’s much more affordable, making it perfect for families who want to put aside money for the future.

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