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Top 5 Silver IRA Rules You Should Know About

Silver Coins

Silver is one of the precious metals that investors value for their intrinsic value and as a hedge against inflation. The price of silver increases during excess inflation when the stock market suffers, so investing in silver gives investors a comparatively risk-free and diverse asset portfolio.

The price of precious metals also goes up in the long term, and for that reason, many people invest in gold and silver to secure their retirement. Most people opt for a silver individual retirement arrangement (IRA) because IRA investments are not included in tax-deductible incomes. This blog will discuss some rules you should keep in mind before opening a silver IRA.  

What Are Precious Metal IRAs?

Precious metal IRAs are self-directed IRAs established solely to store gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. A conventional IRA account does not allow you to store precious metals. With a self-directed IRA, you can store precious metals and other types of assets not included in a conventional account.

Everything else functions in the same manner practically as in conventional IRAs. They have similar contribution limits as traditional IRAs and the same tax-deferred savings advantage.

Below are some rules that you should know before opening an IRA for precious metals.

IRA Rules For Silver Storage

Self-Directed Custodian And Precious Metal Dealer

For a self-directed IRA, you need a bank or another type of finance house that follows through on the investments an individual makes.

These entities are trusted companies recognized by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The role of a custodian is passive in investments. It does not act as a financial advisor or play a part in making decisions for or holding any responsibility for the performance of an investment. Its role is limited to the facilitation of investments, and you cannot fund investments for an IRA without it. Your first step is to choose a custodian for your precious metal IRA.

Self-Directed Custodian And Precious Metal Dealer

After you select a custodian, you need to find a dealer that provides reliable products. The precious market is often permeated by scammers that sell fake metals at low prices to attract. To avoid scams, choose a precious metal investment dealer whose customers vouch for their authentic service.

Products And Depository

After deciding on a custodian and dealer, you want to choose your products and where you want to save them. IRA accounts place conditions on the type of products that can be stored in self-directed accounts. Those conditions will be discussed below.

Meanwhile, you want to look for storage safes that will keep your precious metals secured. Keeping gold and silver at home is risky because robberies can part you from a chunk of your retirement capital. That is why IRA assets stored at home are taxed and penalized heavily. Securing vault storage for your gold and silver excludes your asset from your tax-deductible income and keeps them safe. Your custodian either secures your assets or helps you to find a safe depository.

Purity And Numismatic Coins

Purity And Numismatic Coins

A self-directed IRA only allows you to store silver with a 99.9% purity as a tax-favored asset. Additionally, any numismatic coins are ineligible for storage in an IRA account. Numismatic coins are rare and collectible coins with an artistic or historic value, making them attractive investments for collectors. Such coins cannot be held in an IRA.

Contribution Limits

The contribution limit of an IRA account is the maximum amount of capital or its equivalent that can be stored in an IRA annually. For 2023, the contribution limit for self-directed IRAs is 6,500 USD or your taxable income if it is lower than the former amount.


Lastly, there are two ways in which you can withdraw precious metals from your self-directed IRA. You can either choose to have the metal delivered to you or sell the coins to the depository and get their worth of money back.


That ends our list of rules for precious metals IRA accounts. Our precious metal investment company provides clients with the opportunity to buy silver bullion coins and connects them to the best silver IRA companies to set up storage accounts. We have an IRA department that facilitates customers in securing insured vaults for their precious metals as part of our services. If you are looking to get a silver IRA, you can contact us here.

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