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The American Eagle Coin Program was launched in 1986 with a collection of iconic platinum, silver, and gold coins. These timeless and beautiful valuables have been used as classic keepsakes and given as heartfelt gifts for several decades.

For nearly 35 years, no real change had been made by the US Mint on the observe and reverse of the American Silver Eagle and the American Gold Eagle. But while the facility has recently made its 2020 productions available to investors, it has also made an exciting announcement.

The American Eagle coins, which will be released in 2021 on the 35th-Anniversary of the American Eagle Coin Program, will feature new reverse designs for the first time.

Intentions behind the change

Over the years, many counterfeit coins have made rounds in the global market. These fake copies have continually posed a threat to the issuance of the American Eagle Coins.

The United States Mint and Treasury reported that the change in the reverse designs of the coins is intended to provide anti-counterfeiting technology.

History and changes in the iconic designs

The American Silver Eagle is known as the official silver bullion of the US. John Mercanti sketched its reverse design in 1986, which features a heraldic eagle displaying a shield. The bold looking figure stands clutching olive branches in its left claw and a bundle of shafts in its right talon.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens created the American Gold Eagle’s obverse design while its reverse design was etched an American sculptor named Miley Tucker-Frost in 1986. The family of eagles featured on the coin was intended to signify the importance of family and familial relations in American society.

While the US Mint has confirmed that changes to the 35th release of silver and gold eagle coins will be made, they have yet to reveal the alterations. Furthermore, they haven’t announced any changes to be made to the Platinum or Palladium Eagles.

The reason behind choosing the 35th anniversary as the release date for new designs

It’s no coincidence that the release date of the new reverse designs for gold and silver eagles fell on the 35th anniversary of the Eagle Program.

According to Federal Law, alterations in the designs of valuables coins can only be made once every 25 years. Hence, the US Mint has been under a lot of pressure to implement sufficient anti-counterfeiting measures in the 2021 designs.

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