How to Value Silver: A Look at Silver’s Unique Attributes

Silver was used as a form currency long before banknotes were made. It has been considered a valuable metal for thousands of years. But apart from its inherent luster, what makes silver so costly?

In this blog, we look at some unique silver attributes that make it stand out, among other elements.

Physical properties

Precious metals like gold and silver are more than just shiny elements. Silver is extremely malleable and ductile. It’s also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Due to its highly reflective nature, silver is also used in making mirrors. And even though it may tarnish when exposed to contaminated air and water, with proper maintenance, silver never loses its charm.

Medical uses

The antimicrobial properties of silver have helped treat many infections over the years. However, silver only works against ailments in ionic form and can’t react in its metallic state.

Moreover, medical professionals also recommend silver-antibiotic creams to treat burn patients. It’s also used to treat skin ulcers and other infections.

Industrial applications

It’s reported that more than 50% silver that’s mined every year is used in the industrial sector, and almost all computers, mobiles, electronic appliances, and automobiles have some traces of silver.

This is due to its physical and chemical attributes that make silver a good conductor and a functional industrial element.

Monetary properties

The physical and chemical properties of silver made it an ideal form of historical currency. But in recent times, silver has proved it’s worth in the market by retaining its value.

Here are some financial attributes that help silver stay at the top of its game:


As opposed to money, which is subject to exchange rates, silver can be moved anywhere in the world without the concern of devaluation. It’s also durable, which means that it doesn’t corrode or wear away.


Property and land are good long-term investments, but if you’re looking for a low-risk high return investment, silver is an excellent choice.

The liquidity of silver makes it a great form of “emergency money.” You can sell a small amount for a good price. And due to its high demand, you’ll always find a buyer readily.

No counterparty risks

Investing in silver is a fool-proof scheme as it doesn’t require any third party to make good on a deal. In bonds and stocks, this isn’t the case. Hence, owning silver as a physical asset is highly profitable!

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