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3 Best Reasons to Invest in Platinum in 2021

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Platinum is one of the four precious metals that’s keenly invested in. An investment in platinum can be fruitful in the long term.

However, before you invest in platinum, it’s essential to go over the properties that make it a suitable investment opportunity. Here are the best reasons to invest in platinum in 2021.

Extensive Demand

Platinum isn’t just used to make jewelry; it’s now popularly used in the technology and automobile sectors. Both of these sectors are predicted to continue growing in the future as the world becomes more digital.

Platinum is used in electronics to make catalytic converters in the US and Chinese vehicles. Both are classes of products for which demand is increasing. Hence, platinum has a lot of growth potential.

Price Premium

Historically, platinum has always been traded at a premium higher than gold. It is difficult to source and is denser than gold. Since precious metals are priced on their weight, platinum has been able to enjoy this premium.

It is also geographically limited and is mined mainly in Russia and South Africa. Russia plans to increase the supply of its platinum reserves, so there are positive plans for its supply.

Positive Outlook

As economic recovery resumes after being hit by the global pandemic, a positive outlook is expected for many sectors and the financial markets.

When this happens, the price of gold will no longer be sustainable as an inflation hedge. The growth of sectors will increase demand for platinum which will be beneficial for its investors.

Platinum has historically given good returns to its investors, and with increasing popularity, its potential is expected to grow further.

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