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Orion Metal Exchange wants to be your full-service precious metals investment dealer.

After you purchase precious metals, the next step is to keep them safe. Orion Metal Exchange can help you place them in a retirement account, store them in a secured and insured vault, or find a home safe that fits your needs.

Investor Account Solutions

Precious Metal Investing for Your IRA

Precious metals are an essential part of any retirement plan. Starting a gold IRA is easier than you might think, and you may even be able to roll-over an existing IRA.

Secure Vault Storage

Many physical gold and silver investors prefer to store their metals in a vault. We can recommend a variety of secure and reliable vault storage services in both the United States and abroad.

Home Safe Storage

Some investors prefer to keep their precious metals nearby in case of emergencies and feel safer having gold secured at home. We can help you choose the right home safe for your individual needs.

What we do?

We are dedicated to providing clients the best deals in precious metal investments. As a top gold investment dealer in the U.S., we guarantee to provide you with the best services available—from initial purchase as well as exchange, sale and secure storage.

Precious metal investments are excellent to solidify any retirement plan. Our investment services include helping you set up a precious metal or gold IRA as well as to roll over your existing IRA to the same.

Our storage services include recommendation to the highest quality vault options and service providers both within the U.S. as well as abroad. For those of our clients who would rather store their precious investments at home, we recommend equally reliable home safe options for residential safe storage.

Get in touch with us for more details on how we can facilitate you in your precious metal procurement, storage and other dealings.