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Orion Metal Exchange Is A Full-Service Precious Metal Investment Company

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, exchange precious metals through an IRA, commercial depository, or home possession, it’s a simple and easy process.

Precious Metal Investing in Your IRA

Simply contact our full service in-house IRA department by phone. Within minutes, they will help you establish a precious metal IRA account right over the phone. Then our IRA department will contact your current retirement account custodian to request the transfer of your retirement account funds. Once your retirement funds have been transferred, you will have the ability to buy, sell, and exchange gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with a phone call. Our IRA department will then insure and ship the precious metals to your insured IRA depository account. A precious metal IRA account allows you the flexibility to buy, sell, and exchange precious metals within your retirement as a non-taxable event. Orion Metal Exchange works with every precious metal IRA custodian and depository in the nation. Our IRA department will help you find the best custodian and depository program to suit your personal needs. Every IRA commercial depository storage program is insured by Lloyd’s of London for the value of the precious metal holdings.

Secure Insured Commercial Depository Storage

This service is offered for the investor looking to establish a 3rd party storage account. A 3rd party storage depository can store, secure, and insure your precious metal holdings. This service applies to non-retirement account precious metal holdings. Our customer service department will help you locate and establish a direct account relationship with an insured commercial depository in the United States. You can buy, sell, exchange, and request delivery of precious metals with a phone call. We work with every insured commercial depository in the nation. Every commercial depository storage program is insured by Lloyd’s of London for the value of your precious metal holdings.

Insured Home Delivery

With Orion Metal Exchange, receiving home delivery of precious metals is very simple. With a phone call, you can guarantee product and pricing. On a recorded tradeline you can purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium within 30 seconds. We will email you a transaction invoice for your records. You are able to place payment by wire, ACH, or check. We will notify you once we have received your funds, and we will notify you once your purchase has shipped. We will email insured shipping tracking numbers to you when your order ships, and you will be able to track the insured package to your residence. Generally, a transaction satisfied by a wire will take 5-7 business days to ship from receipt of payment, and a transaction satisfied by a check will take 10-12 business days to ship from receipt of payment.

Our Client Exclusive Fee-Free Buyback policy

We offer our clients an exclusive fee-free buyback policy. We have consistently offered to buyback everything we’ve sold since our inception. We offer our clients the ability to exclusively liquidate their precious metals at no charge. This means that our clients will receive whatever the market is rendering at time of liquidation. With Orion Metal Exchange, you can guarantee your buyback price with a 30 second phone call. At time of liquidation, we will email you an invoice for your records. If you have taken actual possession of the precious metals, we will schedule an insured courier to pick-up the metals you’ve liquidated. Once we have received your precious metals, we will send you the proceeds at the price initially guaranteed on your invoice. IRA and 3rd party liquidation pricing also can be guaranteed with a phone call, and we will work with your custodian and/or depository to ship and ensure the precious metals you’re liquidating. Whether you’re looking to liquidate precious metals held in an IRA, 3rd party storage, or held in your possession, the liquidation process can be completed in as little as 3-5 business days from receipt of your metals.