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What is a Precious Metal IRA?

Based on your investment goals and objectives, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in precious metals could be an excellent way to hedge against inflation. There are different types of investments your accredited retirement account can hold. If you’re considering a way to protect your retirement account against geo-economic uncertainty, a Precious Metal IRA could be the answer.

While the common investments for an IRA account include stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, you may not be aware that you have more control over a self-directed IRA. This allows you to choose what you invest in. For example, a self-directed IRA allows you to diversify in multiple asset classes including tangible precious metals.

Since 1975, individuals have been allowed to invest in gold and silver through self-directed IRAs. Also known as a Precious-Metal IRA, this self-directed IRA account gives you the flexibility to invest in both tangible precious metals and traditional paper investments as well.

There are three major benefits in utilizing a self-directed precious metal IRA account.

Tax Benefits:

Smart investors utilize a self directed IRA for maximum tax benefits according to the advice of their financial planner or tax advisor, Orion is neither. Similar to a traditional individual retirement account, a precious metal IRA offers tax incentives—with the added bonus of tangible portfolio diversification.


With a self-directed precious metal IRA, you can choose the IRA depository, custodian, and the IRA-eligible precious metal products you want to own. Our precious metal IRA specialist can also help you determine the best precious metal investment to suit your goals and needs.


When economic instability hits, precious metals have a history of increasing in value. Precious metals can serve as a hedge against potential investment risk and market volatility. Non-biased financial advisors recommend holding a percentage in tangible precious metals to be properly diversified.

Another benefit of this type of investment account is that you can withdraw bullion and take physical possession thanks to IRA distribution rules.

Put simply, opening, owning, and storing actual precious metals in a self-directed IRA is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

How Do you Open a Self-Directed IRA account?

With Orion Metal Exchange, a precious metal IRA is easy to establish. The process is straightforward, and can be initiated with little to no effort on your part.

Whether you are establishing a new IRA account or simply transferring an existing retirement account, we can help you with the process. As a service to our clients, Orion Metal Exchange has a dedicated in-house IRA department that can help you choose a precious metal custodian and an insured precious metal depository to best suit your needs. Our IRA department can also help you establish the precious metal account, fund the precious metal account, and per your request, facilitate the retirement account transactions as well . 

Retirement account investors have the ability to “roll over” a pre-existing retirement account or establish a new IRA account in tangible precious metals. It is important to confirm with a CPA or tax advisor when deciding what may be the best option for you.

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Common Questions About Precious Metal IRAs

Is there an annual contribution maximum to a Precious Metal IRA?

Yes. If you’re younger than 50 years of age, you can contribute a maximum of $6,000 per year. Individuals older than 50 can contribute up to $7,000 per year.

What is the determining factor of premiums on gold and silver products?

Premiums fluctuate according to market conditions. Naturally, as demand falls flat, premiums and values can fall. Conversely, increased demand leads to an increase in the premiums and values of precious metals.

Can I hold any type of precious metal in an IRA account?

No. The IRS limits the products allowed in a precious metal IRA. You must hold IRS approved precious metal products in an IRA. Orion Metal Exchange can help you choose the precious metal products that are IRS eligible.

How soon do I have to start withdrawing from my Precious Metal IRA account?

The government will require a minimum distribution beginning at the age of 73 in 2023 and to age 75 in 2033, and each year thereafter. You can receive a distribution by liquidating your precious metals with a phone call and receiving the cash equivalency, or you can take physical delivery of the precious metals in your IRA.

If I already own precious metals, can I place them in my Precious Metal IRA account?

The government does not allow you to place non-IRA purchased precious metals into an IRA. Your metals must be initially purchased in an IRA account to meet IRS retirement account guidelines.

Can I buy, sell, or exchange precious metals in my IRA account?

Yes. Your precious metals are liquid. You can buy, sell, exchange precious metals in your IRA without IRS penalty or taxation.

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