A person studying the movement of the crypto market

The Digital Currency Market in 2022: A Brief Guide

The digital currency market saw some extreme highs in 2021, reaching an all-time high of 69,000 US Dollars towards the end of the year. However, the start of the year 2022 hasn’t been kind to digital currencies as Bitcoin plunges 15 percent while Ethereum tumbles 20 percent in value. Unlike a precious metal investment, crypto can be …

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A close up of gold bullion bars, coins, and gold chips

How a Precious Metal IRA Can Help You Beat Inflation

Americans are readily saving and investing to secure their future. About 56 percent of the population in the US owns stocks, while about 12 percent of people invest in precious metals exchange.   Speaking of saving for their future, about 60 million taxpayers in the US own an IRA account. This Individual Retirement Account helps account holders plan for their …

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A close up of gold coins in a black frame

Making Gold Investments in 2022

The market price of gold saw a stellar increase in the year 2020 but suffered a marginal 4 percent loss by the end of 2021, finishing the year at 1,806 US dollars per ounce. The market readers see the drop as a temporary setback and expect the gold prices to boom in 2022. Regardless of what’s to come, …

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Economics for Beginners: Understanding the Basics

Fundamental knowledge of economics may not be vital for maintaining a family budget, but the factors at the core of economics influence every aspect of our lives. At its most fundamental level, economics tries to explain the behaviors that drive our basic needs and the purchases we make to satisfy them. So how does economics work, and …

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Solid gold bars and gold coins stacked

How to Invest In Gold: 3 Ways to Buy and Sell It

Gold is a safe haven for investors in tough economic times. Some people look towards investing in gold to diversify their investment portfolio, while others want to own it because it’s a luxurious commodity to possess. Gold Statistics There are about 53000 metric tons of gold reserves for countries worldwide. The United States of America leads the …

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A picture of gold bullion bars

Some Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Precious Metals Online

Precious metals are a popular investment choice as they have significant economic value. Precious metals help balance a diversified portfolio; however, buying them online shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before deciding what to do, you need to consider various factors, such as what type of investment you are looking to make. Some of the best precious …

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Picture of gold bar and various cryptocurrencies

What is Crypto-currency? Beginners Guide to Digital Cash

Crypto-currency is like regular currency but a digitalized one. In simplest terms, cryptocurrency is the stored value of money that is not bound to a country’s government, banks, companies, or the state itself. Why is It So Popular? They are so popular because they allow everyone to transfer money from anywhere globally, and the recipient …

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A picture of gold bars

Does It Still Pay to Invest in Gold?

In 2021 alone, the US ranked first on the list of the top ten countries to own the world’s gold reserves. The US held 8,134 tons of gold in 2021. Some people still like to think of gold as a barbaric relic, having no monetary value in these modern times. They stress that paper currency …

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Picture of bars of gold

Why Has Gold Always Been Valuable?

The world has always seen gold as a valuable metal. In ancient times, kings, priests, pharaohs, pirates, and even merchants were always searching for gold or ways to increase their wealth. The ancient rulers fought wars, killed thousands, colonized entire continents, and heavily taxed their people just for their next gold score. Even though some minerals …

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A picture of gold coins in a trunk

Three Questions to Ask When Considering an IRA

Many impulsive people jump into things without planning or research. This happens a lot in the investment industry as well. When people hear of others making millions in the stock market, they start putting all their investments in stocks and bonds without proper research. So how are you supposed to know what investment option suits you? …

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