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Volatile rates for stocks

Ways To Prepare for a Recession

Currently, the world is witnessing high energy prices that have pushed the cost of doing business as well as eaten up the purchasing power of consumers. With no end to Russia’s war on Ukraine in sight and further bad news about the OPEC supply cuts, a lot of experts are predicting that the world is …

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precious metal packed inside assorted gift boxes

Advantages of Gifting Precious Metals To Family Members

Economists believe gold and other precious metal investing is a great way to protect you from rising inflation. It acts as a haven for investors that invest in the precious metal as they tend to retain their value even during tough times. Saving for rainy days and old age is good, but you should also consider …

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Gold bars.

Things You Didn’t Know About Fort Knox

While the James Bond classic Gold Finger did a good job to introduce everyone to Fort Knox, a lot of people don’t know much about it other than it being a large fortified vault that stores gold. In this post, we talk about fort Know and the things that can motivate you to start storing gold at …

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A stack of gold bullions

How to Use Precious Metals in Your Estate Plan

Have you ever given some thought to estate planning? We might know when we’re born, but the day of departure remains a mystery. Think of your family, your friends. What will happen to them after you’re gone? Sure, you might have saved up a lot of assets, including precious metal investments, commodities, stock and shares, …

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Gold bullion bars

Bonds vs. Gold: Which One to Choose?

Investments are a safety net that help you futureproof your savings. Choosing the right type of investment that fits your time horizon and risk appetite is the key to benefiting from healthy returns.   Choosing between securities, such as bonds or precious metals, has always been tough for investors. While both have their advantages, some …

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An illustration of two palladium bars

“3” Reasons Palladium Should Be Your Next Investment

Diversifying your investments implies not putting all your eggs in one basket, so you’ll still have others to focus on if one of the eggs breaks. Employ the same strategy for precious metals trading. Diverse assets help savvy investors to protect their portfolios from risk. While gold and platinum are the most popular marketable securities among shareholders, …

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A person doing financial planning

How to Save Money Each Month to Invest in a Precious Metals IRA?

In this current economy where inflation is soaring, saving money can seem almost impossible. There are so many bills and expenses to take care of, and incomes aren’t rising at the same pace. However, saving money is crucial if you want to achieve your long-term financial goals, especially those related to your retirement. Most retirees don’t …

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A bunch of cryptocurrencies

How to Invest in Gold With Cryptocurrency

Precious metals are considered one of the most traditional investing alternatives. For decades, people have been making high and consistent profits by investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new avenue in the world of investment. According to most analysts, cryptocurrency is believed to be the future of investment and currency.    Nowadays, …

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A man looking at investment rises and dips

OPEC Oil Cuts: How to Protect Your Investment Portfolio

Recently, OPEC announced that it will cut 2 million barrels of oil every day from November. This led to global condemnation with the president of the United States even warning of dire consequences. The sentiment is mirrored in the investment world. Some investors are worried about the high inflation and are looking to flee the stock market …

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Gold bars.

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Gold

A lot of investors have the misconception that there is a negative correlation between the price of gold and interest rates. While a rise in interest rates does increase the yield for government bonds, it doesn’t diminish the attraction investors have for gold. This is evident from the fact, that the high gold prices in the …

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