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3 Myths About Platinum

A diamond studded platinum ring against a black background

Platinum jewelry can be paired with various metals and jewelry stones to give you a valuable and long-lasting asset. If you are thinking of investing in precious metals, platinum is a great avenue!

Even though platinum seems to be harmless, there are a few myths that overwhelm consumers and keep them from buying the metal. In this post, we will discuss a few myths about platinum and debunk them with the help of professional experience.

Let’s look at a few common platinum myths:

1. White gold and platinum are the same

It is common to confuse white gold and platinum even for professionals, but the two metals are widely different apart from their similar appearance in a jewelry store. What might come as a shock is that gold is never white; it is yellow. Hence, white gold is pure gold coated with rhodium (from the platinum family) that will eventually fade, exposing the yellow surface underneath.

Platinum is a naturally light-colored metal that will not lose its shine or natural tint over time. This metal is also 30x more precious than gold, making it a truly rare and premium metal.

Two gold and platinum rings placed together

2. Platinum is a soft metal

The strength of precious metals depends on the alloys used during manufacturing. Platinum is denser than most precious metals, contributing to its strength, making it the most suitable metal to pair with diamonds.

Compared to other precious metals such as gold and silver, platinum has no metal memory meaning an engraved diamond will stay in place for a long time. This is one reason top diamond jewelers use platinum for their jewelry pieces.

3. Platinum is expensive

It may seem like platinum is more expensive than other precious metals, but it delivers much higher value to its customers. While a piece of platinum jewelry may cost more than gold, its higher density and purity mean better value for the same amount of money. Any piece of platinum comprises 90-95% of the metal, while gold is less pure at 58.5-75%.

Platinum is a durable precious metal that is a good match for diamond jewelry. It is denser than other jewelry metals and is also purer making it an ideal choice for male and female jewelry.

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