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3 Qualities of Platinum

3 Qualities of Platinum

Platinum is a popular choice for jewelry and is often preferred over other precious metals like silver and gold for different reasons. Many people choose platinum engagement rings because it is a valuable and attractive metal that is highly durable and easy to shape into various forms. You may be wondering what qualities of platinum set it apart from competing metals, which is a fair question to ask and something we’ll address below.

Let’s explore the three qualities of platinum.

Qualities of Platinum

Platinum is used for various purposes, such as in labs, cancer treatment, as a catalyst for chemical reactions, jewelry, and many others. Let’s explore some properties of platinum that make it suitable for widespread applications.

1. Soft and Silver

In its pure form, platinum is a fairly soft metal that is silver and has a shiny form, which makes it appealing to many people who enjoy wearing jewelry. Due to its softness, it is malleable and can be shaped in different forms, making it useful for various functions.

2. High Density, Malleability, and Ductility

These three physical characteristics of platinum make it easy to shape into different forms without breaking. For example, platinum may be used as a wire for conduction since it can withstand plastic deformation.

3. High Stability

One of the selling points of platinum is that it is a highly stable metal that does not easily oxidize with the external environment and is fairly nonreactive to many common acids. Nitric and hydrochloric acids are fairly corrosive, but platinum is immune to their effects.

A platinum bracelet.

Facts About Platinum

As discussed above, due to platinum’s unique qualities, it is used in jewelry, medicine, electronics, and chemical applications. Many people are surprised to discover that platinum is much rarer than gold, making it a highly sought-after metal. Most of the global platinum production originates from Africa and Russia, and the metal was previously known as white gold.

One of the reasons why platinum is preferred to gold and silver in jewelry is because it does not tarnish or corrode easily over time. So, you do not have to worry about taking your platinum jewelry to the shop for polishing, making it highly durable. Since it also has a shiny, silver appearance, its attractiveness does not decline for many years. Due to platinum’s flexibility, it can be shaped and stretched into wires for various electronic purposes.

You may be wondering why platinum is less popular than silver and gold, and the answer is that it has been around for less time. Its extraction and refining are highly complicated and involve aqueous chemical processing, a technology unavailable hundreds of years ago.

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