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3 Surprising Uses of Silver You Didn’t Know

3 Surprising Uses of Silver You Didn’t Know

Silver has traditionally been used as an ornamental metal to add sparkle and elegance to jewelry, ornaments, tableware, and other items of decorative or practical value. But did you know that silver can benefit your health, too? Silver has many surprising and useful properties that can be put to use around the house, in the garage, at work, and more. From antimicrobial to water purifying, silver has several surprising uses! Keep reading to learn about why the demand for this precious metal will always be stable.

Chemical Production

Chemical production is one of many industrial applications where silver is used as a catalyst. Catalysts reduce energy, time, and cost in chemical reactions, making them highly valuable to manufacturers—not to mention their environmental benefits. When catalysts are used during large-scale industrial processes, catalytic converters are often required to ensure that all chemicals have been broken down before being released into local environments.


Silver has a long history in medicine, going back to Greek and Roman times. Today, silver is most commonly used for wound care (particularly burns) as an antibacterial agent for the prevention and treatment of infections. Silver also has applications in antimicrobial coatings for food containers and medical equipment. Additionally, some silver compounds are used as drugs to treat various ailments. On rare occasions, small amounts of ingested silver can have beneficial effects.


Silver conducts electricity better than any other metal, so it’s an ideal material for electrical devices. Silver is also used in semiconductors to reduce static and increase connectivity, especially in applications where heat could be an issue. In electronics manufacturing, small amounts of silver are used as coating or plating in products such as solar panels and LCD screens to improve conductivity while reducing corrosion and increasing durability.

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