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3 Ways Online Censorship Could Affect Your Investments

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While the internet is a fascinating place, it has also now become essential to everyday living. Without the internet, many people face difficulties performing the most basic of daily tasks.

With the recent events in Washington, DC, big tech companies coordinated efforts to control content and news online. This proved that without access, websites can be forgotten forever.

Businesses that are unable to advertise or host websites could disappear forever and lose customers. Investors that hold their assets electronically may lose access to their wealth.

In such a case, the wrong post or picture could incite Big Tech to take away your access to banks and investment firms.

How Did It Happen?

After the Capitol Building takeover, Big Tech immediately shut down President Trump’s social media accounts, effectively silencing him. This gave way to concerns about who else could be dealt with in the same way.

Leaders worldwide expressed their concern, but this is the pattern we are likely to experience going forward.

Organizations and websites that promote the wrong ideas may be de-platformed and cut off from the public.

Because private businesses take these actions, they will not be accountable to the First Amendment.

In The Future:

We may see this trend moving to affect ordinary citizens in the future. Saying the wrong thing could get you banned or mobbed online.

This will then move to banks, brokerages, and investment firms that break their ties with you.

We saw this happen when the Obama administration forced banks to close the accounts of gun companies, firearms dealers, payday lenders, and other businesses that were alleged to be engaged in fraud or money laundering.

This could have a trickle-down effect on you where you say the wrong thing online and find yourself being canceled, with your bank accounts shut down or your employer kicking you out.

The Solution:

To protect yourself from this possibility, invest in physical gold bars and coins. While most of the financial world works online, you remain at risk of being cut off from the system with one click.

But with physical gold coins and bars, you have your investment in your hands.

As an investor, you already have an unstable economy to worry about, so save yourself the trouble of online investments and invest in real physical gold.

Find out how to get started with Orion Metal Exchange. Our financial experts can teach you how to invest in gold to make money and keep your investment assets safe. Get in touch with us here to learn more.

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