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3 Ways To Refine Your Portfolio

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The pandemic this year cost the US stock market three years of profits in just the first month. This had huge implications for investors across the board. A majority of US citizens have some investment in the market.

It’s been an unprecedented year for the overall economy and an eye-opener for investors who’re now looking at ways to make the most out of their portfolios.

If you’re one of them, here are some ways to revamp your portfolio for extra security.

Don’t Underestimate Bonds

Investing in stocks can be very exciting, but bonds are the ultimate support system. Their profitability is often underrated, but any diversified portfolio is incomplete without bonds.

They’re risk-proof to a certain extent because they’re less volatile, and if you let them mature, they’re actually a much better investment in terms of the regular returns they promise.

Bonds are also in perfect negative correlation with stocks because they tend to do well when the stock market is hit with economic instability, and you’re sure to get higher rates of interest on them.

Keep Note of The Market Timing

Following market trends can give you an edge over other investors because they’ll help you make forecasts to buy and sell smartly. This will ensure that you get higher returns compared to just buying and holding.

Another thing to remember is never being an all-out buyer, no matter how investment-worthy a stock seems. Identify the optimal time to buy stocks at the best price, and then make your investment.

Diversify Your Portfolio

This is a great move for your portfolio because you’re dividing up the risk. The key is to divide up your investments in a variety of securities.

This can be done in several ways.

Use ETFs To Purchase Several Shares

When one or more companies or entire industries fail, having shares in various others would ensure that a large portion of your investment doesn’t get wiped out.

Diversify Across Major Asset Classes

Include stocks and bonds that react differently to changes in the economy; this will reduce your portfolio’s volatility.

Diversify Across Geographies

While it’s true that the economy is getting globalized, countries’ economies don’t all move together; investing outside of the US would lower the overall risk as well.

Invest in assets with perfect negative correlation. For instance, you can invest in precious metals because they rise in value during times of economic instability when all other industries usually suffer. 

If you’re looking for financial market updates or wondering how to invest in gold, contact us and let us help you in redefining your portfolio.

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