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You may experience anxiety while shipping your precious metals. Some of you might have concerns regarding theft or poor packaging when it comes to shipping. Here are some helpful guidelines you can follow to ship your precious metals safely.

1.    Identify your Shipment’s Weight

Other than your postage, many carriers need you to have insurance based on your package weight. When you are shipping bigger items like a gold bar, you should determine the right container based on the weight of the metal. Even if you have to fork out some extra cash, the extra safety of sturdier packaging will be worth it.

2.    Safe & Secure Packaging

Several carriers will demand double-sealed boxes for precious metal shipment. Even if it’s the safest way to ship your metals, you don’t want to make it obvious to everyone what’s being transported. The solution for keeping thieves away from your package is to make sure your coins or bars won’t jingle or rattle.

Don’t write the item name or amount on the box.  Use filament or paper tape to secure the seams and outside edges of the box. This will secure your box more efficiently, especially during transit.

3.    Get Insurance 

Get insurance for your precious metals for their complete value, especially when you’re shipping them. If any problems occur, comprehensive insurance will compensate for your financial loss. You can get precious metal shipping insurance from any postal carrier, but make sure the provider is legitimate.

4.    Track Your Shipment to Ensure Safe Delivery

 While hiring a carrier, you may find some of them who hand over your package only from one agent to another until delivered to its destination. This means, if your package goes missing during the delivery, the shipping company can track it. Safe delivery of precious metals is done with a signature on the delivery box.

This way, the carrier ensures to give it to the right person promptly. Also, you should know the total business days required for the package to arrive. If your package doesn’t arrive within the expected time duration, contact the carrier representative immediately and file a complaint.

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