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4 Reasons Investors Should Avoid Commemorative Coins

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With the rise in investment opportunities and the establishment of new investment companies, the numbers for investment fraud incidents have also gone up.

Whether it’s selling inauthentic precious metal or by pitching commemorative coins as valuable assets, the investment market doesn’t paint a good picture for investors. This is why investors must always settle for known and trusted names in the industry and avoid investing in commemorative coins.

1Very Less Precious Metals Used

Usually made from a thin layer of base metal, these coins have very less amount of actual silver or gold in them. They’re barely plated with precious metal and have no real numismatic value.

Even if you were to extract the little amount of gold or silver from these coins, the refinement itself would cost you more than the reward.

If anything, the silver lining in these coins is not valuable enough to bet your money. The only reason names of precious metals are attached while selling is to get your attention.  

2. Uncontrollable market Trends

The real value of commemorative coins is tactfully concealed while broadcasting advertisements across all electronic media. Companies selling valueless commemorative coin are conniving enough to avoid being transparent and still sell their commodities.

The claims that are made about the value and ultimate returns on investment on these coins have little truth in them. These companies have strong legal backing to ward off any legal threats from clients who later realize they were cheated.

3. Far From Rare Coins

Advertisements for commemorative coins deliberately sell them as the last few pieces of this valuable rarity. But in reality, these commemorative coins are rarely rare. These are all fraudulent marketing campaigns that are trying to steal your trust and blind you into investing in these coins. They add an element of urgency along with random figures e.g. ‘only a 1000 left for purchase’ to urge you to make a hasty decision. The lack of counseling and investment guide only shows that this business is a sham.

4. Valueless Authenticity Certificates

If you were about to buy into the Certificates of Authenticity that come with commemorative gold and silver coins, beware! The authenticity that they’re trying so hard to sell is only worth a few shillings more than the paper it’s printed on. These certificates are nothing more than stock paper that add little or no value to the commemorative coins they’re trying to sell. They’re neither officially warranted nor affixed to the coins; it’s just a trade trick of unreliable sellers of commemorative coin sets.  

We’re proud to be a 50-year old gold coins investment company in Los Angeles that offers the most reliable investment opportunities in the form of precious metals. Give us a ring at +1-800-559-0088 and let our investment guides take it from there.

Rest assured, your money and trust will be in safe hands!

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