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4 Reasons to Own Gold

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Gold is globally accepted worldwide and has been a part of several cultures for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries, many people have continued investing in precious metals for several reasons, and today, economies and societies have placed a significant value on gold.

The other forms of currencies don’t work; people fall back on gold as it will always have value. Let’s discuss some major reasons you should be investing in gold coins to help you better understand the metal’s necessity.

1. Inflation Hedge

Gold has always been an excellent metal for hedging against inflation as the prices will increase when the cost-of-living increases. Investors have witnessed gold prices increase and the stock crash during years of high inflation.

When any fiat currency loses its purchasing power due to inflation, gold gets prices in those currencies, which results in a price increase. People should invest in gold if they believe that the local currency will lose value.

2. Increase In Demand

In the past, wealth increases from emerging markets have also boosted gold demand. The demand for gold has also grown significantly among investors as many have realized the importance of portfolio diversification through commodities. The SPDR Gold Trust had also become one of the US’s largest exchange-traded funds (EFTs), making it one of the largest gold bullions in 2019.

3. Geopolitical Situations

Gold maintains its value in times of financial crisis and geopolitical events. It’s called a crisis commodity as people may leave their areas in times of world tension, and during these times, gold outperforms other investments. Gold prices experienced a significant increase in the crisis that occurred in the European Union, and gold often rises the most when there’s low confidence in the governments.

4. Diversification

Gold is an excellent way to achieve portfolio diversification as the investment isn’t closely related to stocks or any other financial security. Gold, stocks, and other financial instruments can reduce your portfolio’s overall risk.

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If you’re looking to invest in gold coins, gold bullions, or buy silver coins online, Orion Metal Exchange can help. We have been in the metal industry for 50 years and provide investment advice to anyone looking to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins. We also provide private vault storage to keep your investments safe and accessible. Contact us today to buy gold coins online.

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