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5 Surprising Facts About Silver You Might Not Have Known

A silver bullion bar

Silver is a noble metal like gold and platinum. Although cheaper than other noble metals, investors believe silver investing can protect against rising inflation. You can also store silver in a silver IRA account by contacting a silver IRA company.

What makes it so valuable is its amazing properties and practical uses. Let’s go over some interesting facts about silver you might not have known about.

1. Mexico Is The Leading Producers Of Silver

Silver is more abundant than gold and platinum. Countries that produce the most amount of silver include Canada, Russia, the US, and Australia. According to a report, Mexico is the largest producer of silver, producing about 5,600 metric tons of silver in 2021.

2. Silver Is Used As A Reflective Surface

Silver metal has a more reflective surface than any other discovered metal. Different optical instruments like telescopes, satellites, solar panels, and mirrors use silver. Silver can reflect most of the visible light, but it doesn’t reflect ultraviolet light.

A mirror with a polished silver layer on it

3. Silver Was Used In Prehistoric Times

Silver is among the first few metals discovered by our ancient ancestors. In 3000 BC, people were able to separate silver from lead. Archeologists have found silver coins that date back to 4000 BC, which shows how they were used as a form of currency.

4. Silver Metal Is A Thermal Conductor

You might know this, but silver is the best conductor out of all the elements found in the world. Silver is often treated as a benchmark to grade other elements’ conductivity.

Even though it is the best thermal conductor, it’s not used in electrical wiring like copper. This is because silver is harder to bend and more expensive than copper, which is malleable and cheaper than noble metal.

5. Silver Has Antibacterial Properties

The field of medicine also has wide applications for silver. It has antibacterial properties, which can kill germs and bacteria. Medical practitioners use small amounts of silver on open wounds to kill bacteria.

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