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5 Types Of Investments For Beginners

5 Types Of Investments For Beginners

Nowadays, investors are turning to safe investment options to protect their holdings from a financial crisis. Therefore, finding an ideal way to protect your assets and savings is best. Investing in different commodities is one of the best ways to safeguard your earnings.

Although many investment options are available today, including sureties, bonds, IRAs, and precious metals, it’s hard for first-time investors to pick an option when starting their investment journey. Orion Metal Exchange understands this issue and has compiled a guide to make things easier for you.

Take a look at this guide to understand the basic types of investments.

1. Invest In An Individual Retirement Account

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are financial accounts that investors open to meet retirement expenses. Investments made in IRAs are tax deductible. This suggests that the funds you contribute to an IRA are not required to be included in your taxable income. Moreover, you can submit your tax rates after you make a withdrawal.

The following are the common types of IRA accounts that can facilitate a first-time investor:

1. Simple IRA

SIMPLE means Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees. Firms that can’t manage to create a 401(k) plan provide this type of individual retirement account.

2. Gold IRA

A Gold IRA is an individual retirement account (IRA) that allows private investors to hold Gold for retirement savings. Gold IRAs can protect an investor’s portfolio in various forms, such as coins or ingots, along with other metal-based investment securities.

3. Roth IRA 

It’s similar to the traditional one, although you save money after paying your taxes. You have the additional benefit of not paying any transaction tax when you want to cash out.

2. ETFs

Investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is among the easiest and least expensive ways for employees to get sureties. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were introduced in the mid-1990s and have grown extremely popular.

A stack of Platinum and Gold bullion bars

ETFs are like mutual funds, although they mirror stocks’ buying and selling patterns. This also implies that their value is subject to significant fluctuations throughout a trading day.

3. Invest In Bonds

Bonds are a safer investment, although they offer modest rewards. You might invest a portion of your money in bonds to secure a decent income, even if your stock portfolio is undergoing financial hardships. You receive a predetermined interest rate monthly or yearly on bonds.

4. Invest In Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a kind of investment in which multiple investors pool their funds to buy commodities. Financial advisers manage mutual funds and divide and disperse the pooled investment into sureties, futures, and other investment options. Therefore, they are not always passive investments. Some mutual funds have a minimum capital requirement of $500 to $5,000, whereas some don’t have a minimum limit.  

5. Invest In Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is one of the smartest investment strategies in today’s world. You can gain profits even if the market suffers a downturn. They thus serve as a shield for your holding, enabling you to profit even when difficult circumstances arise. According to analysts, Precious metals serve as a haven for novice and seasoned investors.

Economic instability typically devalues currency, stocks, and bonds resulting in a rise in precious metal prices. Thus, they make up a diversified portfolio and cushion your financial situation from any economic turmoil.

Orion Metal Exchange aims to help first-time investors in making sound investment decisions. The company helps clients invest in precious metals, including Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum. We assist both novice and seasoned investors in investing in precious metals.

Gold bars and Silver coins lying on American currency

Following are some of the most prevalent precious metals available in the market:

1. Gold

Gold has been used as a form of currency, ornaments, and investment for centuries. In recent years, the demand for Gold has soared, making them a smart investment for venture capitalists who are trying to diversify their portfolios. First-time investors prefer Gold over other precious metals because of its stability, versatility, and durability. Moreover, Gold’s value stays stable even if the market collapses.

The following are some ways to invest in Gold:

  1. Coins
  2. Futures contracts
  3. Gold ETFs
  4. Bullion
  5. IRAs
  6. Gold Jewelry
A bunch of Gold coins placed on a table

2. Silver

Silver is another valuable member of the precious metals family. Silver’s diverse uses continue to astound the world. The demand for Silver in the media industry, dentistry, nuclear power plants, and electronic gadgets manufacturing has increased its value. Investors can easily invest in Silver via IRAs, coins, bars, ETFs, etc.

Stacked Silver bars placed on a platform

3. Platinum And Palladium

Platinum is one of the four precious metals but is almost 30% rarer than Gold. Its rising demand, rarity, and difficulty in obtaining pure platinum make it a valuable resource. At the same time, Palladium is categorized as the most valuable among the four precious metals. Its newly found uses in various industries have driven its market.

Both are frequently used in jewelry-making, although the automobile industry has substantially impacted their supply and demand figures. The financial and socioeconomic unpredictability usually affect their costs.

An illustration of two palladium bars

Want To Invest In Precious Metals? Get In Touch With One Of The Most Trusted Precious Metal Dealers In The US

Now that you know about different investment options. It’s time to start you’re investing journey. If you need guidance about secure vault storage for Gold and Silver, we can advise you on investment options and safe vault storage of your precious metals.

Our gold investment dealer advisors at Orion Metal Exchange can guide you about the potential benefits and risks of investment. The company has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We also offer online services and connect clients with the country’s best private vault storage service providers. You can contact our expert team to get guidance on buying Gold and opening a precious metals IRA.

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