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5 Ways to Use Gold

5 Ways to Use Gold

Gold is one of the most coveted and sought-after metals in the world. It has always been termed as a symbol of power and wealth. Whether it was ancient civilizations or the modern 21st century, gold has always been at the forefront when it comes to precious metals.

Gold can be used for many purposes, and this is what makes it a worthwhile investment.

We will look at several ways gold can be utilized by people all around the world.

Investment & Store of Value

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Portfolio diversification is an important aspect of successful investments. Sometimes, the whole market can crash due to externalities outside of the investor’s control. Gold helps out by being a low-risk asset with low volatility.

Gold has always held its value against currencies and is a great way to hedge your money’s value against inflation safely.

It’s simple: invest in gold to make money.

Jewelry & Gifts

In 2020, the global demand for gold—to be used as jewelry—accounted for almost 37%. This shows how sought-after this precious metal is. It can be converted into rings, bangles, and chains.

In many cultures, it’s treated as a highly treasured gift given on occasions such as engagements and weddings.


Using gold to manufacture trophies and medals has also been very common for ages. The Olympics adopted the gold medal system in 1904 and have continued that tradition to hand out gold medals to winners of events. The fact that it’s a rare and valuable metal that doesn’t rust and holds its shine makes it a practical choice of metal.

Symbol of Status

Gold is well-established as a status symbol. Whether it’s using gold in food or giving your car a gold makeover, gold is at times used to show off a person’s wealth and power status.


Gold is a good conductor of electricity, making it a great option to use—albeit in minute proportions—for electrical appliances.

There aren’t many metals out there that match the same level of demand as gold. If you want to take a step toward investing in gold, choosing a top gold investing company is vital since dealing in gold won’t be light on your pocket.

We at Orion Metal Exchange help you out in this regard by offering professional guidance in your gold investing matters. So, make the move today and get in touch to start investing today!

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