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6 Genius Ways to Prevent Silver Bars from Tarnishing

silver isn’t just used in jewelry and adornments

Silver bars are the low-cost high-return investments that make your investment portfolio more impressive and hedge against inflation. However, as an investor, you may be worried about the tarnishing properties of precious metals. The tarnish that appears on silver is a reaction to the traces of hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere.

Moisture can also harm your silver products and ruin their pristine look. But there are specific ways to ensure that your precious white gold remains spot-free during all seasons. Here are some of the genius ways you can keep your silvers bars from tarnishing:

Store your silver carefully

The most effective way to keep your silver from tarnishing includes storing it safely. Silver can easily get scratched, which may ruin its shiny look and make way for permanent trashing. Ensure that you keep your precious bars in an area with minimal friction.

Prevent moisture buildup

As mentioned above, humidity is one of the greatest enemies of pure silver. So, make sure that your white gold is always dry. If it ever touches water, quickly wipe it off before the corrosion begins. Store it in a dry place where moisture can’t build up. For enhanced prevention, use plastic tubes and zip-lock bags to keep the humidity away.

Keep your bars away from heat

As much as you shouldn’t store your silver bars in the wet basement, you shouldn’t keep them in the hot attic. Heat can also severely damage your precious investment and cause it to tarnish. An excellent place to store your silver will be one of the rooms which don’t experience significant heat fluctuations.

Wear cotton gloves while handling your silver

Natural oils from your skin can also contribute to moisture buildup on your silver bars. Hence, whenever you’re handling your precious metals, wear cotton gloves to keep them safe and dry. While this may seem a little uncomfortable in the beginning, you’ll get used to the practice with time.

Use activated charcoal

Activated charcoal pellets can remove the hydrogen sulfide from air and make sure your silver bars remain safe. Sprinkle a few of these in your vault where the silver bars are to filter out the atmosphere inside.

Never store your silver in cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are the perfect places for moisture to grow. If you place your silver bars in these, they may start to tarnish rapidly, costing you a lot of money.

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