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6 Surefire Ways to Tell If Your Gold Is Fake

6 Surefire Ways to Tell If Your Gold Is Fake

Gold isn’t an affordable buy. Most people work hard and save up a good chunk of their earnings to buy this precious metal.

Now, whether you purchase gold for personal use or as an investment, it’s essential to know that the product is authentic. Recently, scammers managed to dupe investors by providing them with 83 tons of gold, which turned out to be copper! So, what steps can you take to prevent yourself being one of the people who fell for this scam? We’re glad you asked!

The Hallmark Test

An easy way to alleviate your doubts would be to check for an authentication stamp on your gold. Whether it’s a bar, coin, or piece of jewelry, they all have a purity stamp. This can either be found in millesimal fineness or the Karat system.

The standard symbol for pure gold, with no other mixtures, is 24k. However, collectible pieces and heirlooms may have signage of 10k gold, which is now redundant in the US.

Although efficient, many scammers have caught on to this method of authentication and have started making replicas that pass the hallmark test if you have an untrained eye.

The Magnet Test

Unlike most metals, gold is not magnetic. So, a simple magnet test could help denote the purity of your purchased gold. Get a high-powered magnet, and try to pick up the ‘gold’ with it.

If the magnet attracts the gold, that means it might not beauthentic gold. Of course, gold is not the only metal that is not magnetic, and this test does leave some room for error if it’s the only factor you’re banking on.

The Discoloration Test

Real gold will never stain your skin, no matter how often you may wear it. So, if you find yourself wearing or handling gold for an extended period and notice that your skin has stained black or green, then it’s not gold at all. This could be rather dangerous since fake gold slowly reacts with the skin and could even leave you with an allergic reaction.

The Acid Test

Plenty of At-Home Gold Testing Acid Kits are available to help you authenticate your gold. However, be sure only to try this after you have established that the gold is non-magnetic. Be sure to perform this test in a well-ventilated area as well!

Once you have your nitric acid ready from the kit, drop a pea-sized amount of it on your gold with a dropper. Gold plated or fake jewelry will experience a reaction, while pure gold will not react in any way. However, if the jewelry does prompt a reaction, you may risk damaging the fake gold.

The Weight Test

With the help of a balance, add a piece of jewelry that you are sure is real and weight alongside your purchased gold. Then, try to see if they weigh the same. Any inconsistency will prove that it is not real. However, this only works if you are sure the jewelry you have is real gold.

Hire a Professional

While all the home remedies seem accessible, they all have room for error. The absolute best way to ensure your gold is authentic is to buy gold bullion online from a trusted vendor.

Orion Metal Exchange gives you the luxury of investing in gold from their trusted website with guaranteed authenticity. Invest in credible sources with your hard-earned money by contacting them today!

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