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7 Interesting Facts About Silver

7 Interesting Facts About Silver

How attractive do you find the shine and gleam of Argentum or seolfor? Before you can consider answering this, you’d be wondering about these aforementioned items. A rare proportion might be aware that these are nothing but chemical and archaic names for silver. Here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about the metal.

1. Folklore

Silver is believed to have originated from the old english word seolfor.  It’s also one of seven metals considered the oldest known to humankind. Others in this category are tin, mercury, gold, lead, copper, and iron. It has found immense mythological value in storylines where silver swords were used to kill werewolves. To this day, a silver bullet is acclaimed as a way to kill these beasts.

2. Medicine

Apart from just killing beasts, silver is deemed as a medicinal asset for various illnesses. The phrase “born with a silver spoon” originated with the advent of wealthy families who used silver spoons for their infants to protect them from infections.

A silver coin placed upon a silver-colored tablet strip

3. Scientific Silver

The chemical name of silver is Argentum which is why it is denoted in the Periodic Table with an Ag. Silver has the best reflectivity among metals and high thermal conductivity. Good thermal conduction is the reason why the horizontal lines on the rear window of your car are made from silver. They help defrost ice during winters.

4. Linguistic Fact

The word silver is known as one of the few notorious words in the English language that do not have a possible rhyme. The word is used in the same form in fourteen other languages.

5. Silver Lining Clouds

Cloud seeding is a phenomenon whereby artificial rain is produced to sustain drought-affected regions. This procedure uses the compound silver iodide. Apart from this, silver has found an increasing market in solar energy and electric vehicles.

While Mexico is the leading producer of silver metal, it is thought that large undeveloped deposits are present in British Columbia. If you want to become a silver discoverer, get your shovel and spade to the northern Cordillera area to do some valuable digging.

A large collection of silver glints


7. Incredible Ductility

This is a ductile metal to such an extent that you can press a 65 mg single grain into a thin sheet —150 times thinner than paper. Other than pressing into a sheet, you can actually elongate an ounce of silver into an 8000 feet long wire.

Besides these facts, silver is a great investment asset. If you’re considering its purchase as a retirement asset, make sure you consult one of the top silver IRA companies. Silver investing can be a one-time decision so make sure you do it wisely. Orion Metal Exchange in Los Angeles is one of the best silver IRA companies. Secure your retirement with gold and silver by consulting our precious metals investment dealer. You can contact us for further information.

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