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Best precious metals IRA.

Platinum coins are an excellent investment option for those looking to diversify and safeguard their wealth. Due to the coin’s scarcity and durability, it is highly valued by collectors and institutional financiers alike.

If you want to invest in platinum coins, you should look for coins that are both high in quality and recognized for their value. Here are some of the best platinum coin investment options to consider:

Top Platinum Coins You Should Invest in

Platinum American Eagle

The United States Mint produces these coins, which are available in denominations ranging from 1 oz to 1/10 oz. They are popular among investors due to their superior quality and purity.

Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian Mint strikes these coins, which range in weight from one ounce to one tenth of an ounce. Their excellent quality and distinctive maple leaf pattern make them instantly recognizable.

2020 Platinum Striped Marlin

This coin features a striped marlin design, and was minted by the Perth Mint. It comes in a 1/3 oz size and is an excellent addition to any investment portfolio.

2019 Platinum Bottlenose Dolphin

This bottlenose dolphin-themed coin was struck in Australia by the Royal Australian Mint and weighs a third of an ounce. It is gorgeous and distinctive, and a valuable addition to any platinum coin collection.

2018 Platinum Emperor Penguin

The British Pobjoy Mint produces this coin, which depicts an emperor penguin.

It comes in a 1/3 oz size and is an excellent option for investors seeking a unique and beautiful coin.

Platinum War of 1812

The Royal Canadian Mint created this coin, which has a War of 1812-inspired design. It comes in a size of ½ oz, and is a great pick for investors wanting to own a piece of history.

2021 Platinum Rose Crown Guinea

This coin was designed by the British Royal mint, and gets its design inspiration from the Guinea – a coin used in Britain during the 17th and 18th centuries. It comes in a convenient 1/3 oz quantity, and is a worthwhile buy for any collector.

Platinum Australian Phoenix

This 1/4 oz coin was struck by the Perth Mint and depicts a phoenix emerging from the ashes. It is a stunning and unique coin, which is sure to look right at home in any collection.

Wrapping Up

Investing in platinum coins can be a great way to protect your wealth and diversify your portfolio while also providing a potentially profitable investment opportunity.

That said, in order to ensure you are getting genuine, high-quality platinum coins at a fair price, it is imperative that you work with a reputable precious metals exchange. Consider joining hands with a precious metals ira custodian and investing in platinum coins through a precious metals IRA account.

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