Platinum is a valuable, malleable silver-white metal. It has been used for thousands of years to create jewelry and other objects because of its white luster and resistance to corrosion. It’s rarer than gold or silver. Platinum forms naturally only in combination with other elements, making it difficult to extract from natural sources on an industrial scale. Here is a basic guide on platinum trading:

Application of Platinum

It is used in jewelry, catalytic converters, and fuel cells. Prices have risen since 2008 due to increased demand for auto fuel cells, autocatalysts and chemical processes, jewelry, and industrial uses. It’s also used in expensive limited series of watches because of its remarkable properties. Because of this, many countries import platinum, including China, Japan, the United States, Russia, and South Korea.

Platinum Trading

Platinum trading is the process of buying and selling platinum metals. It may be sold as raw platinum or purchased through the jewelry trade or by other means. The price of platinum varies according to market conditions. For example, platinum demand will be higher when the auto sector is doing well due to the increased demand for autocatalysts. Metal exchanges offer platinum trading.

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