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A History of Gold Investment

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Many investors seek precious metals because of their rarity. The limited supply of precious metal makes it an excellent valuable asset.  

Precious metal like gold is highly malleable, and great electric conductivity makes it useful in many industries. Gold is also visually appealing and is used commonly in jewelry worldwide.

Mankind’s interest in gold started long before even 400 B.C. In previous centuries, gold was strictly under the possession of noble families and governments as a sign of nobility and wealth. Many people believe that back in 546 B.C, the first coin of gold was shown to every empire or government worldwide.

The Great Persian Empire is considered to be the first one who mined the first coin. Their motive was to ensure they could meet their expenses which included strengthening their army, providing goods to people, and more.

Afterward, many empires started using silver and gold coins to buy goods —this practice lasted centuries. However, this practice couldn’t last too long in the 20th century.

In 1930, almost every industrialized country stopped using gold coins. However, gold didn’t lose its value; it remains a sought-after product because of its reputation and scarcity.

Using Gold for Trading & Exchanging

Gold was first used as a currency to fund expenses during the rule of Darius the Great, and it worked seamlessly in one way or another in empires across the world during the Middle Ages as well as the modern centuries that came after.

Moreover, after World War Two, people and the international financial market were devastated. Different global leaders worked together and made worldwide standards for gold exchange. The U.S dollar value was high, and it became the major currency for other governments.

The U.S was the strongest nation in the war, both economically and militarily; gold was the only thing that was higher than the dollar. So, gold became connected with the US dollar in the country under Bretton-Woods Agreement.

Although gold isn’t used in the same way today, after centuries of human and world development, gold is still a great tool for investments and trading, since it holds immense value. Today, people invest in gold and keep it as an asset. Whether you consider gold as a currency or a commodity, its history is quite complex.

Gold Investment in the Modern World

As mentioned above, many people used gold as a currency. So, it’s important for you to know that a gold coins’ worth is determined according to their purity and weight.

Some people prefer to keep gold bars which are available in different weights like one ounce or one kilo. These gold bars are 99.99% pure and are also known as gold bullion. You can get standard gold bullion from a reputable and certified company like us.

Additionally, multiple gold mining companies focus on the discovery and search of gold today. They have an advanced machinery system and experts for gold mining. There are other options, too, like gold exchange-traded funds and gold exchange-traded notes.

You don’t keep gold as your commodity in an ETF, and you only track the price with some financial derivatives. In ETN, the value of your gold frequently fluctuates. ETN also comes with credit risk and the benefit of paying tax as a long-term capital gain.

How to Invest in Gold?

After years, gold is now more than just a currency. You can now invest in gold and later convert it into money to buy property or make other investments.

Of course, you can invest in gold to make money both as an individual or business for any product or service. However, you may have to do some essential research about the right value or potential risks of investing in gold.

Moreover, as an investor, you will be interacting with several dealers besides traditional brokerages, which is why you should always have insurance on the assets you buy.

Before making an investment decision, whether it’s gold bullion, jewelry, or coins  get insurance first. Insurance will save you from devastating financial loss.

At Orion Metal Exchange, we have 50 years of experience in the precious metal industry. Our team of experts helps you buy gold bullion.

We assist our clients in leveraging the advantages of investing in precious metals with our consultation services. We don’t just help you invest in gold to make money, we also provide keen insight into how the market for other precious metals works.

When you work with our pros at Orion Metal Exchange, you can rest assured that our priority is increasing your value and diversifying your investments. For more details, you can get in touch with us today!

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