There was a time when the world of alternative investments was dominated by storied investors who make deliberate investments in startups and small businesses.

Nowadays, the universe’s alternative investments comprise of major financial markets in a range of asset classes. This industry has come to be valued at trillions of dollars and is rapidly growing.

Through self-directed IRAs (SDIRA), many investors can invest in alternative investments. These have many benefits, including diversification, low volatility, and creditor protections. So, what are the examples of different types of alternative investments?

Mortgages or Secured Notes

Mortgage-backed securities are a fantastic form of alternative investments that are ideal for SDIRAs. These securities can generate significantly high yield, that’s not related to municipal or corporate debt.

Additionally, secured notes are also a viable form of investment related to property. These are often available at a considerable discount and offer a steady stream of payments. The payments are generally from rents, ground leases, and options contracts.

Both mortgages and secured notes are not active and don’t produce unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), convenient for an SDIRA.

Precious Metals

Collectibles are one of the three asset classes that SDIRAs cannot invest in. However, there was an exemption created for certain coins and precious metals. Through a self-directed IRA, an investor can acquire bullion coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These precious metals have to be more 0.999 pure.

The prices of precious metals often differ from movements in the stock markets, and some experts have hypothesized that they move in opposite directions. Therefore, they are a great way to diversify your portfolio.

If an investor doesn’t want to hold the precious physical metal, their investments can include precious metal mutual funds, futures, options, or shares.

Private Equity

Private equity is ownership or shares of a private company. By definition, this means that these shares are not available on the stock exchange.

However, you can only hold private equity ownership if you are an accredited investor.

A self-directed IRA investor can hold private equity shares. However, they can’t have any financial interaction with any disqualified person, such as a family member or business partner.

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