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An Investor’s Guide to Gold Bar Sizes and Weights

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First-time investors are hesitant to get into the trade due to a lack of knowledge and the different risks attached to each investment.

Gold bars provide a safe and secure investment for novices. Gold has been revered for many centuries for its ability to store value and sustain it.

It is one of the best commodities to buy when you want to accumulate and build your wealth.

Gold bars are the most convenient and economical ways to invest in gold for newcomers.

There are many types of gold bars in the market with varying sizes and prices, but they are usually priced lower per ounce than gold coins.


Gold bars are usually weighed in either grams or ounces. There are different shapes, sizes, and brands of gold bars available within both of these weight classes.

You can buy inexpensive gram gold bars or invest in highly-priced ounce bars. The price varies according to gold weights and purity.

Gold Bars in Grams

Gold bars in grams are great for individuals who are on a fixed investing budget. Gram gold bars do not get affected by price fluctuations as more oversized sized bars do, and they are ideal for new investors looking to add gold to their portfolio.

A one-gram gold bar is the smallest size available for purchase. It has a higher premium than other bars since it takes the same amount of effort to be processed as a large bar. These small bars are easy to liquidate because of their quantity.

A five-gram gold bar can cost between $200-250 according to the spot price and protects at a reasonable price.

A 10-gram gold bar is a 1/3rd ounce, which allows you to add gold to your investment portfolio without investing too much.

A 20-gram gold bar is equivalent to 0.64 troy ounces and is a good option for those accumulating wealth in gold.

You can also buy 50 gram, 100 gram, or 1-kilogram gold bars according to your budget.

Gold Bars In Ounces

One ounce and higher gold bars are great for long term investment since their price can vary consistently due to the weight and quantity of gold.

They have a lower premium and can have a purity level between 0.999-0.9999 gold.

A 1 oz. gold bar is the most popular size traded worldwide and fluctuates its price with the spot price. A 10 troy ounce gold bar has a value worth ten times more than the current gold spot price.

How To Buy Gold Bars

At Orion Metal Exchange, you can buy gold bars in all kinds of shapes and sizes to add to your investment portfolio.

We help you choose the best gold coins and bars for investment, and our consultants can help you begin your investment in gold.

Check out our wide collection of gold bars and get in touch with us here to buy them.

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