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Are Collectible Precious Metal Coins a Good Investment?

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People have been investing in precious metals such as gold and silver since the beginning of civilization. According to economists and finance experts, precious metals are still arguably the safest commodity you can invest in.

Should you open a gold IRA, or should you look for investment opportunities elsewhere? To help you decide, here are the benefits of investing in precious metal coins that other options can’t compete with.

Certain Return on Investment

Investing in stocks gives you a chance of earning a high return on investment. However, the company you’re investing in may as well lose its market shares. There’s no certainty of returns on investment even with a diversified portfolio—you’ll earn nothing if the economy goes under. Even bonds can’t offer a certain return on investment. If there’s enough inflation, you might end up with even less purchasing power than you began with.

Precious metal coins have an almost certain return on investment. There are small day-to-day fluctuations in precious metal prices, but in the long run, the prices always go up, and you never fall behind inflation.

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High Security

With certainty, so comes security. Precious metals are the ideal store of value. Other commodities such as dollars, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies have no certainty that they’ll retain their value over time. Dollars are almost certain to lose value due to inflation. Precious metals are about the only thing that you can invest in, and be certain that they’ll retain their value for the foreseeable future. 

Investment advisors recommend buying gold bullion bars even to people investing in the stocks. The high security offered by precious metal coins—especially gold coins—lowers the overall portfolio risk. It ensures that you will have at least some of your savings left even if worse comes to the worst.

Low Volatility

A lot of people compare gold to Bitcoin. Both are hard commodities that are freely traded but only mined by those with access to costly mining technologies. However, the two couldn’t be more different from an investment perspective. 

The stock market is pretty volatile—, and as we saw in the real estate bubble of 2008, the real estate market isn’t reliable either. However, Bitcoin beats all records of volatility. The value of Bitcoin fluctuates minute by minute, and there’s no reliable long-term trend either.

Precious metals have a bit of volatility too. The prices can vary day to day. However, in the long term, the prices always follow a consistent trend, making precious metals one of the least volatile commodities for the long term.

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