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Are Gold Investments Secure?

Illustration showing the volatility of Bitcoin

Gold IRA investing is considered among economists to be one of the most secure commodities you can put your savings in. First discovered in 2600 B.C., this precious metal has stood the test of time like no other. 

In this article, we compare different investment options with gold in terms of returns on investment and volatility to determine if gold is really the most secure investment out there.

So without further ado, let the battles begin.

Gold vs. Bitcoin

In terms of the type of investment, gold and cryptocurrency are worlds apart. Yet, the two are quite similar in many ways—some even consider Bitcoin the new Gold Standard.

Both bitcoins and gold are freely traded while they’re not a currency anywhere. The only way to create new gold and bitcoins is by mining. Of course, bitcoin mining doesn’t include excavation and heavy machinery, but it does take a lot of processing power. Only the most powerful mining computers can make mine bitcoins now.

However, are bitcoins as secure as gold? The answer is a big “NO.” Bitcoin is highly volatile; its value can rise and drop at any minute, and there’s no way to predict what its value will be in the future. Gold is a far better investment.

Gold vs. Diversified Investment

Investing in a single stock is basically gambling. There’s no guarantee that the company you’re investing in will be able to continue growing or even sustain itself in the upcoming years. However, if you invest in a diverse group of companies, you’re far less likely to lose money. 

Yet, diversified stock investments are still not as secure as gold. As we witnessed during the pandemic, entire industries can go down in a span of weeks. The security of diversified investments can keep you afloat if few of your stocks lose value. However, when the entire economy is sinking, you’ll wish you had invested in something more material. 

Gold vs. Bonds

Bonds are offered by governments and private companies as a secure way to earn profits on your savings. When you buy a bond, you basically give a loan to the government or the company, and that entity is obligated to return your principal with interest. This is independent of any financial crises or losses the entity might face. Sounds pretty secure, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s a catch. Bonds have a fixed interest rate. If there’s enough inflation, the value of your bond will decrease faster, and you might end up with less purchasing power than you began with. On the other hand, Gold goes hand-in-hand with inflation, making it the safest investment option out there.

Stacked gold coins

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