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Before You Establish a Gold and Silver IRA 

Gold and Silver IRA

The following article is created by Orion Metal Exchange for the benefit of our investors and perspective investors alike. We seek to provide relevant content concerning precious metals and the impact caused by economic and geopolitical trends that will most likely impact your financial future. If you are interested in learning about precious metal investing, call 1-800-559-0088, for a FREE investor kit. 

Investing in gold and silver coins is a popular way to protect purchasing power from inflation. Precious metals are used as a long-term store of value and can be easily liquidated. A properly diversified portfolio should hold a percentage of physical precious metals for added stability. 

Precious metal IRA accounts are safe and secure

A physical precious metal account is compliant with IRS regulations. All precious metal IRA holdings are insured and stored in a commercial depository. The IRA custodian works with the precious metal dealer and commercial depository to confirm physical delivery. With the involvement of an IRA custodian, commercial depository, and precious metal dealer, there are multiple checks and balances to ensure the precious metal account holder and their assets are protected. 


It is important to choose a dealer that is willing to offer transparent and competitive online product pricing. A dealer’s reputation will reflect their business practices and their customer’s reviews will reflect their reputation. Always research customer reviews through valid sources such as, Retirement Living, BBB, Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Consumer Affairs. 

Confirm Online Product Pricing 

A legitimate precious metal dealer will offer transparency to the consumer by posting online product pricing. If a company refuses to offer online product pricing, prepare to pay more than you should. If you must ask what a company charges for their products, then you are speaking to the wrong precious metal dealer. You are more likely to receive more metal for your money by following this simple rule. 

Guarantee Product and Price Beforehand 

Only work with precious metal companies that guarantee purchase pricing before requesting payment. It is an FTC violation for a dealer to request payment before confirming the product and purchase price. A legitimate precious metal dealer will ensure all precious metal shipments to be delivered in a timely manner. 

FTC Requirements for Sellers and Telemarketers 

Sellers and Telemarketers Must Disclose Material Information 

“The TSR requires sellers and telemarketers, whether making outbound calls to consumers or receiving inbound calls from consumers, to provide certain material information before the consumer pays for the goods or services that are the subject of the sales offer. Material information is information that would likely affect a person’s choice of goods or services or the person’s decision to make a charitable contribution. More simply, it is information a consumer needs to make an informed decision about whether to buy goods or services or make a donation. Sellers and telemarketers may provide the material information either orally or in writing. Failure to provide any of the required information truthfully and in a “clear and conspicuous” manner, before the consumer pays for the goods or services offered, is a deceptive telemarketing act or practice that violates the TSR and subjects a seller or telemarketer to a civil penalty of $46,517 for each violation.” 

CFTC Precious Metal Risk Disclosure 

FAQ: Your Key to Understanding!

What is the difference between a gold IRA and a conventional IRA?

Gold IRAs offer the ability to own physical gold coins. Traditional IRAs offer paper stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Both offer tax-deferred benefits.

Why purchase precious metals in an IRA?

Gold and silver IRAs offer diversification and act as a safeguard against economic uncertainty while presenting potential opportunities for long-term growth in a tax deferred program. 

Would you like to know how you can protect and diversify your IRA into precious metals? Contact Orion Metal Exchange to discuss the benefits of owning precious metals and see how you can protect your purchasing power today. Call 1-800-559-0088, for a FREE investor kit.

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