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The home storage safe you choose is going to store your most prized valuables. It is vital you choose wisely. The safe you pick should be suited to your needs, should have all the right features, and should be of the right size. But most importantly, it should be extremely secure.

When investing in precious metals, such as gold, a lot of investors prefer to keep their valuables close at hand in case of emergencies. Also, a good home storage safe is an inexpensive solution to keep your possessions nearby.

If you’re investing in gold coins, you have the practical option of keeping them safe with you in a secure vault, right at your home. Safes are lightweight and portable which makes them a popular choice among gold coin collectors.

Some of the most common factors that investors consider when buying a safe are whether they’re designed to withstand fire, water, and most importantly, burglary.

Keeping Your Safe Secure from Natural Elements

Make sure to get a safe that will protect your possessions against natural disaster situations such as cases of flooding or fire. Although there is a limit to how long a safe can withstand fire, it is still a good choice to buy a safe that is both fireproof and waterproof.

Most safes provide a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour of protection in such cases.

Locking Your Safes

When it comes to locking your safes, most people are of the impression that safes have dial locks with numerical combinations.

Fiddling with a lock multiple times a day is not very practical, or safe for that matter. Thieves are familiar with the traditional dial locks and can easily open them. Electronic locks are a much more up-to-date alternative that rely on easy to remember number codes.

Another cutting-edge approach to locking your safe is biometric security. The safe’s electronic system will ID a physical feature of the owner, such as their thumbprints or retinal scan, and only they can open the safe.

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Consult a Professional

When it comes to storing your most prized possessions in one place, you need to take the most stringent security measures. Don’t leave anything to chance and get professionals who can help you with buying a secure safe.

Here at Orion Metal Exchange, we have a team of specialists who you can consult when acquiring a private vault storage system. With over 50 years of experience, we know what we are doing and can help you keep your precious metal investments safe. However, we advise you against a home storage system as that still has its faults.

We instead recommend that you store your precious metals in a safe depository somewhere.

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