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Best Gold Coins to Invest in the Year 2022

Best Gold Coins to Invest in the Year 2022

Investing in gold is an excellent way of protecting your wealth and diversifying your investment portfolio. This is because gold works as a hedge against inflation, so when the other markets are crashing, gold will gain value.

There are multiple ways of investing in gold. You can purchase gold funds, open a gold IRA, buy gold bullion bars or coins, etc. If you plan on buying gold coins this year, here are the best ones for investment purposes.

Gold American Eagle Coin

The gold American Eagle was first issued in 1986 and is still continued to this day. These coins comprise 22-karat gold along with a small amount of alloy. These coins aren’t very shiny in the first place and tend to get dull after a while but that has no effect on their worth.

The coin contains a picture of the Statue of Liberty with her torch in her right hand. On the back are two American bald eagles. From 2021 onwards, the design of the coin was slightly altered and the eagles were replaced by a single eagle head.

Proof of Gold American Eagle Coin

The Proof of Gold American Eagle Coin is quite similar to the conventional American Eagle Coin. However, it’s polished and doesn’t lose its shine over time. This is often referred to as the collector version of the American Eagle Coin. This makes it slightly more expensive than its counterpart. The gold content in both coins is the same.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

The Gold Canadian Maple leaf is an official gold coin issued by the Royal Mint of Canada. This coin is a good option for investment since it contains 99.9% 24-karat gold without any other base metals.

The back side of the coin contains Canada’s famous sugar maple leaf, which also gives it its name.

Great Britain Queen’s Beast Gold Coin

The Great Britain Queen’s Beast gold coin is an official coin introduced by the Government of Great Britain. The coin sports a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II. On the back side is the portrait of the beast, called the Lion of England.

You can buy these coins and trade them in the US. However, they are expected to become a collector’s item after the queen passed away earlier this year.

The Great Britain Queen’s Beasts Coin

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