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Best Storage Options for Solid Precious Metal Assets

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When investing in precious metals, you’re faced with multiple choices to choose your kind of investment. This decision depends on several factors, including your investment goals, your risk tolerance, and secure gold and silver storage.

Precious metals are important assets that are high in value. It’s natural for owners and investors to share concerns about their safety. No matter which form of investment you choose to go with, proper safety is necessary to avoid any mishaps.

Ways to Invest in Precious Metals

While investing in precious metals, you have the choice of placing your investments in one of the following ways:

Precious Metal ETFs

Precious metal ETFs work exactly like the stock market. These exchange-traded funds are held by financial institutions. You can acquire precious metals units according to the market rate and sell them for a high profit margin.

Precious metal ETFs are convenient ways of ownership since the assets involved in this investment are mostly intangible. While ETFs offer high gains in a short time, the market volatility can work inversely as well, exposing your portfolio to higher risks.

Precious Metal Futures

Precious metals like gold and silver allow people to invest in their future prices. An investor can predict the future prices of these commodities. They then buy gold and silver at the current market price and set the delivery rate for some time in the future, typically after the date they predict the price to spike.

This helps them buy the precious metal at a lower price and trade them for a higher one, making quick profits. Since there’s no involvement of physical assets or ownership certificates, the investor doesn’t have to worry about storage and other additional ownership charges.

There are, of course, drawbacks to this, with the obvious one being the inverse performance of the commodity in the market. If the prices fall, investors would have to sell at a lower price or hold on to the asset, which comes with costs of its own.

Solid Precious Metals

This is perhaps the most common form of precious metal investment. Gold, silver, and platinum can be bought and kept in the form of solid bullion bars and coins. These are federal institutions that mint coins or pour bars for the investors. Licensed private minters can also perform the task.

The solid form of precious metals is the one that requires safe storage the most. There are so many things that can cause the assets to devalue or for you to lose the investment altogether. Here are some reasons you need quality private vault storage for precious metals.

Precious Metals – Why Storage is Necessary

Dangers of Theft

Theft and robberies top the list of reasons your solid precious metals need storage. About 1 million house burglaries occur in the United States annually. The stats suggest that storing precious metals at your home in plain sight is never a viable option to ensure the security of your assets.

Misplacement of Assets

Cleaning, renovation, and even moving to a new place are common among households. With something physical that isn’t stored in a safe place, you’re always under the threat of misplacing and losing your precious metal asset.


While solid precious metals are sold according to their marketplace, a large part of their final selling price depends on their condition.

Precious Metal Storage – Best Options

If you’re convinced that your solid precious metal assets need quality storage, there are a few options you can utilize to ensure their safety:

Safe Deposit Box

Private banks offer safe deposit boxes to help their clients keep their valuables safe under tight security surveillance. These boxes are located at safe spots under 24/7 surveillance. Also, the access is limited to you and your banking manager, which makes it impossible for a third party to access your precious assets.

A disadvantage for bank deposits is that these sections are accessible during bank timings which means you only have limited access to check your valuables. The other disadvantage is the charge on storage and insurance since banks don’t offer insurance in a basic storage package.

Private Safes

Private safe storage is suitable for people that wish to store their assets within the premises of their property. These safes are tough to breach without the aid of the owner and also help in keeping the assets concealed from the human eye.

The biggest advantage to this is the unlimited access to check and use your assets. A disadvantage of private safes is that the safe is still present on your property, so the risk of home burglaries is still high.

Secure Vault Storage

Private vault storage is typically provided by private depositories, suitable for people looking to store their assets away from home while also ensuring storage in ideal conditions.

The professionals at private vault storage are experienced in keeping the assets safe from all the elements that may cause the physical commodity to devalue. The private storage facility is also responsible for keeping your assets insured. You can access your options of keeping your assets stored in a single storage or separate storage sections.

Private companies typically offer this storage at a nominal fee. They have enough space to keep as much of your significant holdings as possible. They have moisture and climate control to ensure the optimal shape of your precious metals for extended periods.

Looking to Invest in Precious Metals?

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