A black piggy bank with several coins

COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in digital shopping, mainly because of social distancing measures, lockdowns, and fears encircling the highly contagious virus.This has deepened concerns regarding potential frauds and cybercrimes.

Buying everyday items, such as groceries online is daunting in itself, let alone the nerve-wracking experience of buying expensive commodities such as gold and silver coins online.

Here are some ways to ensure authenticity and safety so that your hard-earned money doesn’t end up in the pockets of a fraudster.

Do your homework!

It’s always recommended to learn as much as you can about gold and silver investing from search engines online.

You can also tally the reputation of custodians from different IRA companies, check experiences, customer reviews, reports, and other information to help you understand if the company is credible and reliable.

Learn to Say No!

Internet is full of deals that seem too good to be true.If you aren’t confident about any potential purchase, or if anything doesn’t feel right to you, learn to trust your gut! Chances are, it probably is a scam.

Pure, Graded, and Certified Coins Only!

Always check the karats, weight, and purity of the coins. Certified coins that are graded by renowned mints or producers are safe to buy if sealed appropriately without any sign of tampering. 

Understanding how to invest in gold and silver is also important. For instance, an investor will understand that sometimes coins with the historical value may have lower compositions of silver while costing more than a coin made of top-quality silver.


If you’re looking to send your coins to a secure facility or if you’re investing in digital gold, make sure to check the insurance policies, quality, and take extra precautions to ensure that the coins exist in the first place.

Buying online is beneficial in most cases as physical shops have to pay rent, utilities, and other taxes that online sellers may not add in the cost of your coins. Just be sure to do your due diligence before buying precious metals online.

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