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Can Gold Be Destroyed?

A stack of gold bullion ingots

Among the elements, gold is among the few metals shown to be the most durable. It can be seen by looking at historical artifacts like the Mycenaean brooch, which dates back to 2000 BC. Its durability is one of the few reasons investors make gold investments. Even though it is a durable metal, a person can wonder, can it be destroyed?

Alchemists and physicists have tried to find feasible ways of destroying gold but have found none. Let’s look at whether modern science has found any solution to destroy gold or diminish its value.

Gold Properties

Before moving forward, let’s understand what makes gold valuable. It is among noble metals. In chemistry, it implies that these metals don’t react with the chemical elements.  

Gold doesn’t corrode when placed in moisture. It also has a highly reflective surface which causes its lustrous appearance. For these reasons, gold is used in a variety of electronics, dental fillings, jewelry, etc.

The reason gold is so valuable is because of its scarcity. According to USGS, you can fit all the gold discovered in a 28-meter wide cube.

Can Gold Be Physically Destroyed?

Gold has been shown to be nearly indestructible. It is unreactive with almost all discovered elements and neither chemical compounds, and we can say that it’s impossible to destroy it. However, even though it can’t be destroyed, scientists have developed a way of dissolving it.

Aqua Regia or “Royal water” is the only known chemical solution that can dissolve gold. It was developed to test the purity. The chemical can only dissolve the gold into particles, which can then be turned back into a solid.

Can Gold Value Be Destroyed?

While gold can’t be destroyed, what about its value? Investors buy gold bullions and make investments during economic instability. It offers financial security during these tough times.

The value of gold is connected to the stock market. Its value increases when the stock market collapses and vice versa. Gold is scarce and has a range of uses in different industries, which causes its price to remain high. Even though gold prices can reduce with time, they can’t drop to zero.

A collection of gold bullions

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