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Can Gold Be Destroyed?

Unleash the Power of Gold: Secure Your Financial Future Today

Gold has been a valuable metal throughout our history. Many great civilizations have utilized gold as a basis for commerce and trade. This tells us that gold has always been a valuable metal used for financial and trading purposes. Not only this, but gold also has exceptional physical properties. Gold appears to be invincible because it is entirely corrosion-resistant.

Gold is a highly desirable metal. With the ability to maintain or improve its value over time, this shiny yellow metal is becoming more often regarded as a portfolio diversifier. However, because precious metal investing isn’t as prevalent as paper investments, it might naturally raise several issues, particularly among first-time investors. Hence, before buying gold coins, one of those concerns is: could gold be destroyed?


Before answering, let us study some properties of gold that make the yellow metal so special.

  • Gold is ductile and malleable, which makes it extremely versatile.
  • Gold’s melting and boiling points are quite high. Gold boils at 5173 F. Its melting point is 1947.5 F, which is not easily achievable.
  • Gold is a great conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Gold will never get rusty, and it isn’t easy to corrode it either.
  • Gold is a non-reactive metal since it is a noble metal.
  • Pure gold is tasteless and odorless.
  • Gold is used in several electronics, medicines, wiring, etc.
  • Pure gold is 24 karats. 18 karats gold is 75% pure. 14 karat gold is 58.5% pure.


According to the scientific facts, it can be stated that pure gold is virtually indestructible. Gold doesn’t rust or corrode, and it’s unaffected by the fire. This answers why gold is repeatedly melted, reprocessed, and recycled.

Only nuclear processes have the chance to destroy gold; however, it can be dissolved by aqua regia, a combination of powerful nitric acid and hydrochloric acids. When we dissolve gold, it transforms into more dispersed gold particles.

When gold is exposed to acids, it doesn’t melt. It’s unaffected by hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid is exclusively used to clean it. Nitric acid also serves as a tool for determining if the gold is genuine. When nitric acid is added to most gold impersonations, they melt. If you acquire gold frequently, you may already have a gold testing kit to know if the gold is pure or not.


After knowing some facts about gold and learning about its indestructibility. Should we turn our minds towards buying gold? Let’s discuss.

Gold tends to maintain its value throughout a long period. Financial analysts say that the gold price is not indicative of its worth, which implies that even if the gold price falls, the real value of gold remains unchanged. Furthermore, as inflation begins to take hold, gold’s value rises. As the value of the currency falls, the price of gold rises.

Gold investments might also potentially boost your investment. When you spread your portfolio with different assets, you broaden it and lessen the risk of the assets you are holding.

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So after clearing your mind about some general concerns related to the golden metal, are you ready to invest in it? Learn more about investing in gold by contacting Orion Metal Exchange. We can provide you with consulting services related to silver investing, investing in gold coins, or investing in precious metals. We also help in gold IRA and related services.

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