a stack of shiny gold Bullions with their branding on it

Recent Events That Escalated the Price of Gold

Gold is a pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical investment that most investors gravitate towards because of the increasing value and financial security it offers. In fact, it’s the ultimate safe-haven asset. While gold’s price performance tends to fluctuate heavily for medium and short terms due to investment trends in the market, there are various long-term price implications. …

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a stack of shiny gold Bullions with their branding on it

The Impact of COVID-19 Vaccine Development on Gold Prices

The COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences have led healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to develop a safe and effective vaccine to eliminate the infection. Fortunately, this worldwide endeavor is now bearing fruit as new companies continue to emerge with their 3-phase studies on their particular vaccines. Among the multiple authorized vaccines under development, Pfizer.Inc and BioNTech …

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Factors that Move the Prices of Precious Metals

Precious metals consist of a small group of treasured commodities that include gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. Having been used as a means of currency in the past, they’re now mainly used for investment purposes and industrial uses in the modern era. Gold and silver have a higher demand than other precious metals because they’re …

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Fun Facts about Rhodium

Having a higher melting point than other precious metals makes Rhodium one of the toughest precious metals. The silvery-white metal doesn’t react to water or air, is highly reflective, has low density, and is considered the most valuable precious metal, given the element of rarity. Here’s a primer of fun facts about Rhodium. History An …

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Buying Gold and Silver Coins Online: Is It Safe?

COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in digital shopping, mainly because of social distancing measures, lockdowns, and fears encircling the highly contagious virus.This has deepened concerns regarding potential frauds and cybercrimes. Buying everyday items, such as groceries online is daunting in itself, let alone the nerve-wracking experience of buying expensive commodities such as gold and silver …

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Reasons Why Countries Are Bolstering Their Gold Reserves

The number of bullions held by the treasury or central bank of a country is called ‘Gold reserves.’ For thousands of years, gold has been known to serve as a means of exchange in transactions in different ways. Gold was used to support paper’s value, even during the 17th to 20th centuries. The US dollar …

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